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  • toast22342000 toast22342000 Feb 26, 2013 8:03 AM Flag

    isn't it a little disingenuous

    for the Orange Man to keep saying the House "has done their job" by passing X bill but the Senate has not? After all, he couldn't honestly say the House "has passed a bi-partisan bill in the spirit of compromise to move the country forward." What they do is pass batshyte crazy bills supported by teabagger extremists designed to bring the economy down. Knowing all along that the bill will not be supported by the majority in the Senate. BTW, even when things are supported by the majority in the Senate they do not get passed because of the Repubs use of the filibuster.
    So I wish McBoner would stop pretending what the House does is anything other than political theatre for the consumption of nitwits.

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    • So there's McBoner out there again today claiming the Senate needs to get off it's ***. Problem is the bills he referred to the House passing were from the last legislative session and are worthless. Maybe Johnny needs a refresher on the Constitution. Appropriations bills need to start in the House.

    • Obama signed the sequester order. Hypocrit!
      "bipartisan in the spirit of compromise"
      Obama says do things his way or he'll do it himself. Not bipartisan.
      Toast is disingenuous. Which government spending cuts has Obama advocated?
      What spending would he reduce to a smaller amount in 2014 than 2012?

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      • Generally speaking I find responding to you (and your other aliases) to be a waste of time since you do not live in a reality based world. Yes, Obama signed the sequester bill after Republicans passed it in Congress. Trying to assign sole responsibility for it to Obama is ridiculous. Obama has only circumvented the Repubs in Congress on major issues when they have refused to act. Obama has proposed almost $1T is spending cuts on top of the $1.2T he agreed to as part of the deal to raise the debt limit in 2011.

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