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  • seasons_beatings06 seasons_beatings06 Feb 27, 2013 9:38 AM Flag

    Chris Christie: A Republican without a stooooopid party


    Right after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced he would expand Medicaid under the new federal health law, TeaScrotum Party Nation opined in a tweet: “Liberal jello blob Chris Christie thanks Obama by expanding Obamacare to NJ.” That was followed by a #liberalsellout hashtag.

    Christie’s decision came amid news that he would not be invited to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference next month. National Review reported some of the reasoning: He has a “limited future” in the stooooopid party. Because he supports gun control, he’s not really a conservative.

    Why stop there? He praised President Obama for his Hurricane Sandy performance. He thinks climate change is real. Also he has a man crush on Bruce Springsteen, the Democrats' go-to entertainer to fire up crowds before elections. Where conservatives and Christie are concerned, Medicaid is just one more deal breaker in a series.

    Christie even borrowed Democratic rhetoric in explaining his Medicaid decision. He said he was “putting people first” – a line that was a Bill Clinton trademark and the title of his campaign book.

    Meanwhile, Johnyy McCranky's campaign manager Steve Schmidt on CPAC:
    “Look, this CPAC convention is increasingly the Star Wars bar scene of the conservative movement. I mean all that’s missing at that convention is a couple of Wookiees,”

    Keep on being stooooopid, scrotes, it's RILLY workin' for ya!


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    • The expansion of Medicaid will just exacerbate the shortage of good doctors. the good ones are going concierge and won't treat Medicare or Medicaid.

      The new Medicaid people will end up at the emerg room just like now. And you can forget all this prevention nonsense.

      Sentiment: Sell

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