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  • toast22342000 toast22342000 Apr 18, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    terrorism vs gun voilence

    Nitwits get apoplectic over terrorism, saying torturing suspects is okay, passing legislation that restricts or violates individual freedom, allowing the government to violate privacy rights. Including 9/11 how many people have died as a result of terrorist acts over the last 30 years? 5 thousand, 6K? With gun violence it's 30,000-40,000 per year. Why the hypocrisy? I mean it isn't like anybody is looking to take guns away from you. Or even start a national gun registry.

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    • OK fruitcake (nitwit). Specifically what law would YOU enact that will prevent criminals from using guns?
      No answer! Right?
      "allowing the government to violate privacy rights."
      Specifically what are you blabbering about? Huh Punky?

    • You know I did not advocate water boarding for everyone suspected in a terrorist situation. Only for those known to be in positions of knowledge and planning whose information could be used to stop the terrorist organization. 9/11 was an ongoing organized plan of action worldwide and it still is. If you could have prevented the killing of all those little kids by water boarding the shooter I would approve it. Do you think the kids parents would agree? How about the Moms?

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      • What a happy little scenario you have constructed. The suspect knows something that "can save lives," and we know he knows. It's the standard by which the supporters of torture always justify their position. But as life is never so simple the world (including the US) has chosen to make torture illegal. Appealing to the emotions of the parents in your hypothetical situation doesn't make their likely decision to say "torture away" the right thing to do.

      • If applied correctly, like it was on terrorists, there is no problem with it.
        Obama should be water boarded for his true identity, as we see he is out to destroy America

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