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  • diximann diximann Apr 22, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

    Obama: refuses to classify the Bomber as an enemy combatant!

    He will be tried in a regular court with all the rights afforded us! So you get a muslim sympathizer on the jury and a slick lawyer to dramatize the incident and argue against evidence and all is lost.

    Obama is a mus puppet making a farce out of the court and military system protecting his people. The Ft Hood shooter still has net even been charged or shaved his beard yet!

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    • Also, he becomes classified as just another radical nut job like T McVeigh. Want to make sure there is no hatred directed toward the Muslim community where all of this stuff gets started. D. F'Stein really worried about the seeds of hatred on weekend tv. Maybe she is worried about the seeds of a holocaust. She and the other mushy politicians want you to focus on the trial and conviction of a radical instead of action to root out and stop the organized jihad elements living among us.

      There are people who criticize the USA for dropping the bomb on Japan and relocating people in this country during WWII. The same wishy-washy, mushy type people who occupy positions in our current government.

    • Obama does not want him questioned. We might learn too much that would embarrass Obama.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • They are also not saying anything about the TERRORIST obtaining U S citizenship under false pretenses! And that was only six months ago.

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