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  • nanospeak nanospeak Apr 23, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

    Democrat operatives and activists

    Toasted, et al just love to pound the message boards with their incessant party line dung. They love the capital letter and the exclamation point. Here's a fact toaster oven: when you stop handing out unemployment checks you see people going back to work. Now I wonder why that is?

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    • Actually, the opposite is true. When you stop paying out unemployment benefits it causes the economy to contract further or stagnate. Because at times of high unemployment the problem isn't that people are too lazy to work, it's that there aren't enough jobs. The thing that makes jobs even more scarce is taking money out of circulation in the economy (cutting UI) causing more layoffs and more contraction. It is the painful lesson being learned in Europe as deficit hawks call for austerity which in turn makes the economy worse, making nitwits call for more austerity as tax receipts fall, it's a vicious cycle I call "nitwit economics."

    • There is a story, a parable, about the Camper, snug in his sleeping bag when a rattlesnake buzzes in his ear. Camper asks what snake wants, snake says "it's cold out here, let me in the sleeping bag with you".
      Camper says no again, snake begs again. Finally Camper relents, opens the flap and Rattler slithers into the bag. Minutes later, Rattler bites Camper! Camper says "why did you do that you ungrateful snake?"
      Rattler says "You knew what I was when you let me in."

    • nannysbreath, Myt is curious...what "party line dung" are you observing by these "Democrat activists"? Can you quote an example or two?

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