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  • spendthriftgift spendthriftgift May 14, 2013 5:05 PM Flag

    Well I sold shares of BMY and MCD today.

    I bought 4,000 shares of BMY on Nov 20, 2009 @ $24.50 (high price of that day)
    The biggest dollar trade I had ever made.
    Today I sold 3,000 at $41.95
    Now the biggest dollar trade I've ever made.

    In spite of a jack-ss named Chainsaw, I am now holding 1,000 shares of BMY at zero cost.
    By the way. The dividends have been nice along the way.

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    • What a great trade.

    • If I may...for tax purposes, you may identify by lot, against a specific purchase confirmation, or in some cases, average, but you cannot arbitrarily allocate total cost to fewer than total holdings. What you own now is 1,000 shares @ $24.50, plus allocated expense, with an unrealized capital gain of about Twenty bucks a share, as of todays close.

    • So now you cry all the way to the bank while BMY climbs past 45. That's gotta be tough, but nice job just the same! Bought one of my 3 BMY lots late April '09 @ 19.30 (1500) and thought about selling yesterday, but now... maybe not yet. The other two have low single digit cost basis from the 70s, and I trickle out of them here and there.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hellacious! Nice move. Now you have 1K shs almost for free considering the divs you've collected. My Dad's trust has had BMY since Hillarycare in the 90's blasted the drug cos, and then thru the IMCL snafu in the early 2000's. It was a $60 stock (like all the other drug stocks were) back then. I am not saying it was smart for HIM to own it all this can never know. But his shs have been on a DRIP plan and I think he has about 5K shs now. Keep those beauties! You now have an investment that pays maybe 8+% based on your cost. One to pass onto your kids.

    • Nicely done.Doesn't it feel good being made whole and then some and playing with the houses money all at the same time.$37-$45 on its own merits.AIMHO

      Sentiment: Hold

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