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  • korean1dan korean1dan Jun 24, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    We have our differences on the board, but this has to have agreement 100%

    There is no way a 6 year old can identify as a transgender unless the parents abused them or were perverts. Just think what you knew in the 1st grade.

    Transgender 6-year-old wins civil rights case to use girls' bathroom at Colorado school.

    the link is censored, so you know someone is trying to keep the story quiet. This kid should get treatment and a case worker investigate the parents. This judge should be fired or a perv himself/herself

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    • Myt suggests you keep your mind offa little boys and girls, wonton. Given your instability, perhaps it would be best if you stay off the interwebs for a while. And needless to say, no kindergartens and no day cares for you either...just stay away. If you find yourself getting itchy, eat some kimchee until the fire goes out.
      Your pal,

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      • MT, it is one thing to go back and forth over Obama, but you really show your hand on that post.
        6 year old kids should be protected by the courts from pervert parents or others. This is proof the GLBT issue is an Obamination.
        The parents and the judge should be in jail, and let the inmates ( their peers) decide their fate.

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