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  • qcqaabs qcqaabs Jul 11, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

    Americans die younger than Europeans


    If you wanted to pick a single metric to judge the success of a country, one measure that both conservatives and liberals could agree on, life expectancy may be your best bet. On that metric, the U.S., which spends more on health care than any other developed country, is doing terribly.

    A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows just how badly. Between 1990 and 2010, the U.S. fell from 20th to 27th place on life expectancy among the 34 countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. U.S. life expectancy at birth rose by only 3 years, to 78, while other countries saw greater increases.

    Please proceed, scrotes.


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    • Next we need mandatory life insurance, home insurance. Maybe just make it single payer so when you die your beneficiary(s) get 1 million from the gov't and if you lose your home for whatever reason the gov't buys you a new one. People would be a lot happier and happy people live longer.

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      • 'Mandatory home insurance', nannysbeak? You already have that. Try getting a mortgage without it.

      • I like it. But don't you think it would be even better if when we were born the govt just hooked us up to machines that pumped various drugs and food into our systems, extracted poop and pee, lashed up electrodes to synthetically stimulate our muscles, and gave us touch screens to control our emotions from drop-down menus? We could all live in small enclosures since there wouldn't be any need do actually do anything. All human experience would result from floods of emotion-inducing drugs. The government would decide where we live. And, if more people were desired, selected women could be implanted with sperm cells, given nutrients during their pregnancies, and given allotments for additional food rations while they gestated their offspring. One could even attend synthetic church services broadcast to their "op screens". It would be a choice you know, you could pick whatever religion suited your fancy. And you could even pick what sex you were, again, from menus. Life would become an endless selection of menu choices and conditioned responses. Politics would be gone, since everyone would be happy with whomever was in power and controlled the various chemical releases. The entire population of the US could be moved to "data centers", perhaps in low costs areas like Kansas. The elites could live in spectacular oceanfront or mountaintop residences...and for very large fees, they could group together clusters of ordinary people, pit them against each other, and entertain themselves by inducing hatreds and animosities among them...and watching the results. It would be kind of like "Sim City". Of course, no humans would actually hurt or kill others....the rich entertainees would just be doping up various groups with emotion-inducing chemicals they bought.

    • I don’t think you understand qcqaabs. Comparative analysis done by statisticians and or economists, you know, people trained to take a multiplicity of variables in to account will never measure up to the all knowing eye that tt possesses. Despite his demonstrated inability to fathom it is possible, as the CBO did, that one decade is likely to be followed by…wait for it…. another decade, the future is his area of expertise. I think he prefers to look ahead because, despite his protestations to the contrary, the past can’t be used to support his beliefs. Unless of course the past is examined by those whose methodologies reveal the truth (or put another way the result he desires), in which case that reporting is reliable and accurate. 2+2 =4 only when he says so and if you don’t accept that you have been brainwashed by the spooky abstraction called the government. By the way, did you know the government is not comprised of citizens elected by fellow citizens. No, no. In the dystopian world tt sees coming IT is out to enslave you. First it’s health insurance and then you’re carted off to a re-education camp.

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      • That's going to leave a mark.

      • "Comparative analysis done by statisticians and or economists, you know, people trained to take a multiplicity of variables in to account will never measure up to the all knowing eye that tt possesses."

        And these people never lie (like the East Anglia folks) and are never wrong. Like the five specific examples I gave, all of them underestimating medical costs by factors of between 2 and 10. Funny how they never seem to overestimate costs and then reality comes in lower, ain't it? If they were just statistically wrong, some estimates would be higher, wouldn't they?

        "the past can’t be used to support his beliefs." Certainly not. a perfect multi-decade record of underestimating costs....let's do one of them studies, shall we? Forget our observations...those suck.

        "By the way, did you know the government is not comprised of citizens elected by fellow citizens. No, no. In the dystopian world tt sees coming IT is out to enslave you."

        Finish the sentence. Those electees go to Washinston where they become removed from the relationship they had with their electorate. A stunning example is John McCain who campaigned vocifierously on his insistence of controlling the border and completely reversed himself once he was elected. 0bama insisted he would close down Gitmo. That happened, right? See, Toast, people lie. Even statisticians. But especially politicians. Many of them do so for political reasons. For example, ACA is being delayed because it is now understood what kinds of dislocations its enforcement is likely to produce in advance of the 2014 elections.

    • And by giving free taxpayer paid coverage to b's and illegals ............and cutting our elderly medicare coverage will solve all those problems?
      What about the rising blood pressure of those working & paying for all them?
      Peddle your BS somewhere else.

    • What if you DIDN'T want to pick a single metric? The US has many more auto accidents and more gun deaths. We have many more men & women overseas in wars. Besides, the US sucks, doesn't it? Why would would anyone want to live any longer than they needed to?

      If you google "stillbirth Britain" you will see that they evaluate fetal deaths up to 24 weeks as a still birth. Britain is one of the most deadly places to give birth among developed nations, but, of course, that is unquestionably because of their outstanding healthcare system. So when you say "life expectancy AT BIRTH"...keep in mind you are excluding many babies from the total pool. A reporting thingy Toast had to throw a couple of dirtbombs at but could not otherwise refute.

      "Britain's stillbirth record is scandalous: The news that Britain has been ranked one of the worst places in the developed world to be a mother should come as little surprise when you note the frighteningly high number of stillbirths, writes Cathy Newman." Telegraph, July 11, 2013

      "UK stillbirth rates among highest of rich nations" BBC, Apr 11, 2011.

      Pick your study.

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