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  • ttm4 ttm4 Jul 11, 2013 5:57 PM Flag

    So where's the study that says the sky is blue?

    Sure, I'll stipulate that the sky is blue, Toast. But that wouldn't be valid, would it? There has been no study that says the sky is blue. Yet all over the world, for billions of people, every day that is not snowy or rainy, or when it's nighttime, people observe, conclude, and are willing to say "the sky is blue". And they do so in hundreds of different languages. Different cultures. Where's the study that proves it?

    Today a study came out that said that dietary salt is no big deal. Whoa! For 25 years, salt has been the demon. Suddenly it's OK. Yesterday, a study came out that said that fish oil supplements increase the risk of prostrate cancer by 71% SEVENTY ONE percent! That's huge! For decades (I know you know what a decade is because I explained it to you) dietary cholesterol was BAAAAAD. So we shouldn't eat eggs. Now we believe that eggs are practically a perfect food and that dietary cholesterol in moderate amounts is essential to a proper metabolism. Funny thing about those studies. They change! Sometimes they change because new knowledge is acquired. Sometimes, as in the case of the East Anglia global warming studies (just saying this to tweak you, sweetie!) they conclude what they conclude because of OUTRIGHT FRAUD, because the studiers have an agenda. See, they need more money to conduct their next study. Uh-huh.

    But facts are not like that. Studies are not facts. Studies are studies. Facts come from human experience, repeated many many times. Studies frequently omit things the studiers don't find convenient.

    I can refute any study you may cite (and you have cited exactly NONE) with another study. I've conducted a study on this, by the way.

    But maybe, as you said when you stomped off, it's better you go back to your cave and roll up a new collection of dirtbombs to throw. I recommend you eat some eggs, and use the old cartons to store your dirtbombs. Convenient size. And, it might serve to remind you that studies are by and large garbage.

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