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  • guns_galore_plus guns_galore_plus Jul 15, 2013 9:12 AM Flag

    Suppose Trayvon had *Lived* ??

    Prosecutor: Trayvon, please tell what happened that night.

    Paraplegic Trayvon, speaking from a wheelchair: Well, I was hungry and wanted a sweet snack, so I told my uncle I was going to the store. He asked me to get him some iced tea while I was at it. I bought skittles and tea and started back towards home, and I was talking to a friend on my phone, when I suddenly realized I was being followed, and the stalker seemed close. It was pretty dark. I told my friend to hang on while I checked it out.
    As I turned around this big guy (pointing to Zimmermann) rushed me, hollering (n-racial epithet) repeatedly. I ducked quickly to the left and threw a lucky punch, which I thought landed flush on his nose. He spun around and fell awkwardly, and I thought he'd hit his head, cause he seemed stunned. He moaned and groaned, but he was mostly playing possum- When I bent over to check him out, he pulled me down on top of him. But when he grabbed my coat and pulled, I threw another lucky punch and he went backward still holding on to my coat. I yelled and threw a bunch of punches and he yelled and punched back with one hand, which I thought was odd. I kept trying to get away cause this guy was much bigger than me and I sure wasn't gonna win no wrestling match, but one of my feet was tangled up under that huge -------. Then a gun went off, and I briefly wondered where that came from, before the pain and numbness hit me and I blacked out.
    Now I'll never walk again...

    Zimmermann: "I invoke my 5th amendment right against self-incrimination and refuse to testify."

    How might the jury had ruled had Z been charged with *attempted murder*?
    Zimmermann is really, really lucky Trayvon didn't survive.

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