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  • toast22342000 toast22342000 Jul 16, 2013 8:51 AM Flag

    when you see

    a black executive and you think affirmative action, when you see high unemployment numbers for blacks and think lazy, when you talk about a black person and use the word "they," when you see a black teenager walking down the street and think suspicious, when you see the incarceration rate for blacks and think born criminals, then you are part of the discriminitory mindset, whether you define it as racist or not, that is to a large degree responsible for the plight of black Americans.
    Only someone deeply in denial can write the things the cabal writes about minorities and go on pretending those attitudes, held by millions of white Americans for centuries, have not had a profound effect on blacks by keeping them from fully assimilating in to society in the US.

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    • anothernewmultialias_forwedcman anothernewmultialias_forwedcman Jul 16, 2013 6:52 PM Flag

      when i see high unemployment among black americans i think about how poorly they
      have been represented by demokkkrats for the last seventy years. i think about how
      they manage to avoid getting educations in spite of equal opportunity laws.
      all teenagers are suspicious walking the streets at night.

    • Toast - Very well said. Based on what I've seen, The US has not progressed significantly since the mid-1980's. The "System" is as biased as it was then.

    • We see how well they are "assimilating in to society in the US" watching the protests and damage.

      And 99.9% the black executive was/is a AA product through college and work quotas
      And when you see high unemployment #'s, 60% are just lazy ( any color)
      And when we look in the jails, we see all criminals ( any color) including tour OJ.
      When you see a thug walking down the block, 95% of the time you know it ( any color)

      Many other nationalities came to the US but worked hard, never looked for handouts, had it hard, did not cry discrimination and managed to fit in. Blacks seem to defy what all others accomplished. Even illegals sort of blend in and quietly work hard.

    • How about when you decide to take a poop outside your pants versus inside your pants? Isn't that discrimination, too?

      The plight of Black Americans is directly attributable to the culture of victimhood and dependency, cultivated by politicians who understand that the addiction to government handouts and programs and other vote-getting schemes keeps blacks in dependent poverty and themselves in office. The US is probably the least racist society on the face of the earth. But to race-baiters, it's never enough, and no matter how much is done, it will never be enough. As long as people hold the likes of Al Sharpton out to be some kind of role model despite him being wrong about Tawana Brawley (and instrumental in the hoax) and having instigated the riots in Brooklyn, despite being wrong about the Duke Lacrosse team, despite owing well over 1/2 million in back unbroken record of being incorrect about so many long as he and his failures are considered ideals, there shouldn't be the slightest surprise as to the mindset and the probable results of the folks who idolize him. Sharpton is going to be a leading figure the admin's taking this stupid TM case and pumping it up into a media feeding frenzy. Because it takes attention away from Benghazi and the IRS and NSA things. To this admin, who has probably set race relations back 60 years, this GZ/TM thing is beyond delicious. It's better than they could have ever imagined.

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      • Culture of victimhood. More like culture of victimization. Cultivated by people who want blacks to pull themselves up while they keep discriminating against them.

      • As surely as the sun rises, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP will take turns picking at this Zimmartin scab...and hopefully they will be able to keep from provoking race riots. Even Charley Rangel got into the act last night. This is every plitician's wet be able to pick pick pick at this thing to get public focus off whatever it is they have got going on (fairly serious tax evasion charges in Rangel's case) and the public will eat this up without limit. It has already been shown that the public is as unconcerned with the actual evidence as they were over a year ago. Every nuance of what color socks this one was wearing and whether he thought about grape or banana flavored bubble gum and what that shows or doesn't show is the topic of endless speculation. In that year ELEVEN FREAKING THOUSAND Blacks have been murdered by other if it matters.

        In the end, I absolutely guarantee we will hear the 0bama admin take credit for preventing this from becoming an all-out race war. "Only through the efforts of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the NAACP have we prevented serious property damage and a significant loss of life". They will take credit for stopping the race bating from getting out of control because they will get Jesse and Al to take turns, back off just in time, and manipulate public opinion. Look over here, first it's Jesse, now it's Al.....Ben Jealous of the NAACP....predicting this is like shooting (well, not shooting, that's a bad word choice) let's call it: giving diversity awards to fish in a barrel.

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