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  • mytsigns mytsigns Jul 16, 2013 4:00 PM Flag

    TTM69LGBT and aintlivin...politics really DO make strange bedfellows!!!


    Gotta love watching turtleboys try and outdousche each other!
    Prolix TTM peeks out of his hood to write: " They will take credit for stopping the race bating from getting out of control..." Are you SERIOUS one is stopping race baiting here...JUST READ THE COMMENTS ON THIS BOARD!!!

    Aintlivin writes:"We see how well they are "assimilating in to society in the US"

    There it is, TTM...these are the folks you roll around in bed with! He doesn't even realize "they" ARE "society in the US!" His racism and race baiting aren't subtle nor veiled, he wears this mantle proudly. His contempt for black people isn't a hypothesis; DOES MYT NEED TO ILLUSTRATE?

    aintlivin: "99.9% the black executive was/is a AA product through college and work quotas"

    WELL TTM?? Care to rebut aintlivin? Or do you agree with him? No race baiting? How about this little bit of racist nonsense: "hopefully they will be able to keep from provoking race riots." OH WAIT, Grand Dragon...THAT WAS YOU!!!!!! Funny how you are so happy to identify with aintlivin, and spentppssssss, and mysonblows ... they your crowd, TTM? You would be proud to meet them? shake their hands? introduce them to your kids as 'men' you are proud to know?

    aintlivin enjoys being a racist, he flaunts it like the troll he and his multi-ids is. You with your exaggerated prose come off as if you are not a turtleboy, but Myt recognizes your disguises. And try and IMAGINE...try walking in some 10 year old Travon's shoes...think what must go through his formative years looking at your and Winton's unhideable fear and contempt EVERY TIME YOU SEE EACH OTHER.

    Do us all a favor...stick with your prolix rants against Obamacare...and read Strunk and White!

    Your bosom pal,

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    • The cabal's denial of its overt bigotry, even as it pours out over the board each day, has become a routine matter. One alias writes all black advancement is due to AA then indignantly cries foul when the racist nature of the comment is pointed out. Not everyone is so transparent though. The greater the effort put in to disguise the more vehement and clever the denial.

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        Toast's denial of her overt bigotry, even as it pours out over the board each day, has become a routine matter. She is a dyed-in-the-wool racist. Unquestionably. She wants to earn points
        by claiming someone else is more racist than she is.... Same approach Obama uses about
        his Overt presidential failure. Yeah, he's pathetic but others were worse.

    • So you think I am responsible for others' comments? What would you call what we are seeing reported in LA? And Oakland? Were you around in the 60's? Detroit? Newark? I remember it. Blacks burned down multiple city blocks, mostly of their own neighborhoods. And those EEEEVIL whites moved out. And Detroit got so much, ummm, better? 40 years on, and what has changed? 3 consecutive mayors in jail for corruption, that's a darn good record. Whites, you know, made them take the money. Because over the past year over 11,000 blacks killed each other and THIS CASE is the big one. I lived in LA during the 1992 RK riots. I have seen this before. But I have never seen so many media outlets deliberately fanning the flames of unrest. And this admin loves it. They are laughing their rear ends off at their good fortune. Because while all this is going on, they can p#$%$ immigration reform and drive the Black unemployment rate up ten more points. And Blacks won't even mind, as long as they promised more and more and get to see some whitey #$%$ kicked.

      "hopefully they will be able to keep from provoking race riots."...OK, I take it back, you're right: Hopefully the admin WILL provoke race riots. Wait, are both statements racist? Isn't everything? Isn't everything that happens in this rotten country racist? Isn't anything any white can say racist? Aren't Blacks the victims of every single thing that evil white folks do? Isn't that exactly what I said?

      You think I am the Grand Dragon? Go read your history, friend. The KKK was entirely the creation of the Democrat party---the one that serves Blacks so well now.

    • Well Pottysigns, if there was ever any doubt that you are a crazy inbred, not to mention a drunk, all doubt has been removed.

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