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  • ttm4 ttm4 Jul 17, 2013 9:56 AM Flag


    Or, do y'all need a conservative RACIST MORON to explain it to you?

    Now it's the IBEW with their letter to 0bama pointing out that his statement from 2009 that "...if you like your healthcare, you can keep it, and NOBODY WILL TAKE IT AWAY from you"... a flat out lie. Again, the "perverse incentives" that cause biz owners to cut back workers to 29 hour weeks. That cause insurers to discontinue coverage the unions have had for 65 years. Conservative morons warned you, 4 years ago. For 4 years, you have thrown every insult. How dumb we were. It was partisan, racist, we hated 0bama because of his skin color, because of his dog, because of Michelle's stupid broccoli/yogurt/tofu school lunches. How smart you were! You paid your dues so the Trumkas and the Hoffas of the world can be paid 6-figure salaries to represent you. And represent you, they sure did. They poured tens of millions into the 0bama campaign. Exclusively. From YOUR dues. And they pounded the table on healthcare. For you, you see. For your benefit.

    Four years later, Union leadership finally got around to actually reading the ACA bill. And they are crying like stuck piglets. They now see that what conservatives warned you about 4 years ago but which THEY SUPPORTED UNWAVERINGLY. In every respect. In every detail. But remember this: You are the smart ones and those who warned you were racist homophobes who hate progress. The truth is, that conservative morons can do math. You?

    Now, immigration. Any MORON can can see that bringing in 10 to maybe 50 million more low skilled wage-earners will DESTROY average worker wages. Well, maybe not. Maybe you need some moron to explain it to you. Because you are so much smarter.

    Pattern: You bought the dream. Turns out it was a lie. Now the math smacks you in the face. Conservatives are morons because they pointed out the math could not work.

    I'm sure we'll have a bunch more examples to help you see.

    Y'all should wake up and see who your enemy is.

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