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  • toast22342000 toast22342000 Aug 20, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

    another day inside the right wing bubble

    This morning I read about how a Faux "analyst," in talking about Al Jazeera's US launch, cited a Pew research poll to claim most Arabs supported Bin Laden's efforts to kill Americans. It didn't matter to the "analyst" or to Faux that the poll found just the opposite.....because the folks on Faux lie every day.......and that is the way the people who run the network like it. Reputable news organizations issue retractions for things like that, but with Faux the lie leaves the false impression they wanted to leave.

    I also read a story about how a Faux host played up an increase in fraud related to SNAP, characterizing it as a 30% jump, but failing to mention the rate went from 1% to 1.3%. An extraordinarily low rate among all federal programs. This despite close to 100% growth in the program from 2007 to 2011 due to the Bush recession, Republican failure to work with Obama on job growth, expanded eligibility so people don't starve, and Republican refusal to raise the minimum wage so working people can afford to support themselves.

    Just two recent examples of how Faux intentionally misinforms its viewers, all day, every day, on every show...........BY DESIGN. That is what happens when a propagandist like Roger Ailes runs the news dept.

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    • Arabs love Americans. That is why they are always burning our flags and killing our Ambassadors. That is the way they show their love.

    • Last night, I stubbed my toe getting up to take a pee in the middle of the night. And I thought "Those pesky Republicans, if only they went along with 0bamas' programs to promote female genital mutilation, I could have free plastic surgery to make my genitals look like Nancy Pelosi's face" know.... with those bulging eyeballs and everything....I cursed my bad luck, at least, after I stopped feeling guilty for all the racist thoughts I had had during the prior day. Yes, I was too busy thinking of all those hateful things and what a rotten person I am just for having those thoughts. And then I thought, " Wow, when toasti gets her very own re-education camp and we all get to pick rice for her, I'll try extra extra hard and I will think of things to blame on George W. Bush that nobody has ever thought to blame on him before. Obviously, I cannot reveal now (for reasons of wanting to preserve my future rice rations) oh no...wait, no, I promise, I will give all my rations to a deserving person whose skin color is darker than mine because we all know that George Bush was responsible for slavery in the colonies and he sold all the black folks he could find in Texas into slavery using Karl Rove's time machine. That, by the way, is the same cursed machine Rove used to steer hurricane Katrina into New Orleans. Bush used his connections in the Carlyle group and other evil members of the military industrial complex to modify the machine from being a time machine to a weather-modifying machine..and then back again. All at taxpayer expense and it ran into the billions. Anyway, nobody need worry about me, I will make sure I pick enough rice to feed 4.3 people. Who is the lucky .3 of a person? I think I'll just keep that a secret, unless Bo can be persuaded to eat some more rice in his diet. I think he'd like that. I know he gets to take much nicer vacations than I do, but for Dear Leader, no sacrifice is too large, wouldn't you say?

    • I could comment on any number of knuckleheads that msnbc prances out to spew their lies and propaganda every day. Just another day in the left wing bubble.

    • Obama learns what is going on through FOX, and you must too! It seems you quote them quite often.

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