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  • drjohncar drjohncar Aug 28, 2013 7:59 PM Flag

    Where is the Outrage from Liberals over Barrack going to War in Syria

    Assuming Barrack actually follows through on his pink line in the sand, why is the left not outraged over Barrack going into another conflict and without going to congress as well. American liberalism was rightly enraged over the ill conceived Iraq War but because they are spineless, Kool aid swilling lemmings who drool and blindly follow der leader, they are silent. In 2007, candidates Barry and Uncle Joe Biden ripped Bush a new one for doing less than they are doing. But why follow what our laws state if you're and Imperialist like prez Barry. So here we go again.......maybe.....if the sand line doesn't get serve as al qaeda's Air Force and help a people who,will not be thankful to American and only hate us more. Will we ever learn?

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    • "In 2007, candidates Barry and Uncle Joe Biden ripped Bush a new one for doing less than they are doing"

      Iraq war premised on lies 100k dead 5k amerinca a trillion dollars is less than syria?????
      That isn't even stooopidd that's just insane.
      We have truly fallen down the rabbitr hole -- The bootlickers will be the end of America.

    • "doctor" - "In 2007, candidates Barry and Uncle Joe Biden ripped Bush a new one for doing less than they are doing..."
      Pardon me, but when *exactly* did the current President send MORE than 160,000 troops to Syria ??
      Somehow I missed that troop deployment.

    • Do not forget he is professional community organizer,so he organized his puppets very well-now they are like rabbits in front of python-afraid to move.

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      • Ordinarily, a politician having worked as a community organizer as a young man would be seen as an invaluable experience. Giving that person the opportunity to see first hand the struggles of the working poor. Sadly, an experience far too few present day politicians have.

        What is it that bothers you about it? Would you rather a president be set up in the oil biz by his daddy (and still fail) or spend part of his youth as a missionary for a cult religion?

    • I have more than a little outrage going myself. This IDIOT POTUS did nothing, and then lied and tried to bury the MILITARY PLANNED ATTACK on the American Soil in Benghazi and the slaughter of Four Staff members. Lies, lies and more lies of cover-up to protect his MUZZY brothers, while he continued to pump more and more military supplies into the area,

    • Will Russia welcome an Al Qaeda regime in Syria? Did they not get kicked out of Afghan by the same group? Maybe times have changed if it means getting over on the USA?

    • Possibly you could obtain a visa or work permit in another country until a new president is elected.

    • Given your total mischaracterization of the probable response as "going to war," the lack of necessity to get authorization from Congress.....
      "President Obama doesn’t need approval from Congress to take action on Syria, Rep. Pete King, (R-N.Y.) said Monday night.
      “I believe the president can take the action without authorization from the Congress,” King told CNN. “I believe as commander in chief, he has the right to take the action. It’s in his interest to consult with the leadership in the House and Senate, but I don’t believe he has to.”.......
      the fact that congressional Repubs you want Obama to consult with have proven themselves to be a collection of chickenhawks, nutbags, and obstructionists (to whom you give your simpering approval) more concerned with political gamesmanship than responsible governance, and the UN team in Syria confirming the use of chemical weapons........I'm comfortable with a measured air strike that puts no boots on the ground.

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