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  • toast22342000 toast22342000 Sep 2, 2013 5:56 PM Flag

    the cabal revises history.............again

    The whole "dictator" thing with regards to ACA and immigration ignores the facts that all Obama did was grant conditional residency to select young people brought to the US illegally, the Dream Act was co-sponsored by a Repub in the Senate and had bi-partisan support until Obama became prez, the Senate passed the immigration bill this year by an overwhelming majority, and prior to ACA Obama and leading Dems spent months trying to form some degree of consensus on health care reform.

    Whether using the word dictator is just hyperbole or it represents the real feeling of the cabal is only known to it. Either way it is typical of the distorted impression left in the minds (I use that word loosely) of folks who, like the cabal, rely on the propaganda spewed out by right wing media to form their opinions.

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    • is the left that has revised history and for the past 30 years, has revised history texts used by our schools to indoctrinate our youth with liberal propaganda. You can't see that and Obama's dictatorial rulings because your blinders block out anything to the right of Uncle Joe Stalin. You want something specific? Easy! Immigration.....he and Holder pick and chose which of the immigration laws to enforce. What they don't like goes by the wayside. Welfare......without the legislative process, he changed the welfare reforms agreed to during the Bubba Administration. Well, maybe he isn't a dictator but when a "leader" ignores the law and does what he wants, he sure looks like one.

    • Yes, all he did was to trash the Constitution, throw your and my rights into the gutter and spit on them, turn you and I into feudal wards of the state destined to beg the state for its diminishing set of protections, and seek protection from an ever increasing source of torment and oppression aka the US government. No problem, this country sucks and everything about it sucks and the worse this bozo can make it the quicker we get to a condition where everybody hates each other and is ready to steal from and/or kill each essence, Mad Max, Americadome.

      Only someone who has no appreciation for the unique set of circumstances we have had for most of our history in this country and hates the freedoms and responsibilities it bestows upon us, just by virtue of being born here, would wish to p*** it away by giving it away to anybody who asks for it, as long as they have some compelling story...even if they have been coached on their story. You'd really have to hate your country to want to pollute it and denigrate it and its opportunities. How come libs are fanatical about clean water and clean air but as far as the population of the country, the people, any piece of dirt you wanna let in....hopefully, with some communicable diseases, many of which were considered eradicated. But that we have culture and diversity, we have outbreaks of measles....and tuberculosis. Diseases that were considered extinct from the US. That's diversity for ya. We suck, they're great. Bring in the sicknesses!

    • "All he did was grant this, change the deportation policy on that, support the rabid DOJ legal attack on every state that tried to enforce the immigration law, promise the Mexicans he will take care of them on immigration".

      ACA gets riddled with changes, exceptions, exclusions, and delays. All of these dictated by the Obama administration whether forced by functional failures or political benefit to the "party".

    • complete nonsense

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