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  • qcqaabs qcqaabs Sep 5, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    No Rate Shock? Obamacare Premiums Lower Than Expected


    scrotes false world view continues to crumble:

    The main takeaway from an exhaustive new study of premiums on the Obamacare health insurance marketplaces: They’re generally going to be lower than expected, undercutting the persistent claims of “rate shock” by Teahadists.

    Marketplaces premiums are coming in below initial estimates, said the nonprofit, nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation in a new report released Thursday.

    The expected monthly premium for a 40-year-old adult purchasing a silver-level plan (the baseline, which covers 70 percent of costs) on a marketplace had been $320, according to previous projections from the Congressional Budget Office. But in 15 of the 18 regions studied by Kaiser, the average premium will be below that — thus the study’s conclusion that the prices are going to be lower than anticipated.

    “While premiums will vary significantly across the country, they are generally lower than expected,” the authors wrote.

    The conclusion is based on how released prices are comparing to previous projections for coverage costs under Obamacare. It follows a report last week by RAND, which suggested that claims of premium increases had been overstated.

    If Kaiser’s estimates bear out, it could be a big blow to one of the main conservative talking points against the Affordable Care Act: rate shock. Everybody from House Republicans to think tank types like the Manhattan Institute’s Avik Roy and the Heritage Foundation have been warning that consumers would see skyrocketing prices under the law.

    Please proceed.

    Fuggin scrotes.


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    • anothernewmultialias_forwedcman anothernewmultialias_forwedcman Sep 5, 2013 7:09 PM Flag

      bmy= $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4

    • the qcqaabs bacteria says my insurance policy had gone up at a tremendous rate, especially during the Bush years, and that the ACA has had absolutely nothing to do with the 50% increase within the last two years after being relatively stable for the previous 8 years.

    • What about the monthly premiums on policies that people all ready have? Monthly premiums that have gone up markedly since the ACA was passed. Obama says there is no evidence the ACA caused it, but when you remove the cap on a policy, require the insurer to insure everybody, in essence change the entire business, how can you say it has no evidentiary effect? So it is real good news that you will be required to spend $300+ on a policy you may not want or be penalized-fined-taxed for your abstinence.

    • So, in terms of being able to predict the future, the idea that "premiums would go down" is now "premiums aren't going to be as high as _____ said they would be. But premiums didn't go down; they have risen substantially. But because your brain is composed of Silly Putty and can be molded to believe anything anyone with sufficiently fat thumbs wants it were lied to, objectively. But for you, it's a win that an anti-ACA organization overestimated healthcare costs? It's more important to you that they are wrong than 0bama was wrong and furthermore lied to you.

      It's kind of like "I will close Gitmo". it never happened, and it never will happen, but you forgive Deal Leader because you are a #$%$-gobbler. It's like global warming, which had to be morphed into "climate change"; and how we are going to have bizarre weather all over...meanwhile, the hurricane season shows the least number of hurricanes in many decades this season. it just doesn't matter what kind of lies you are told. You eat them up and consider it a win. The stuff you were promised doesn't happen, but because Republicans said it wouldn't happen in NOT EXACTLY the way it didn't happen, you think you're winning something and are happy.

      I wish you happiness, #$%$-gobbler.

    • Are we talking about 0bamacare today because the prezzy looks like a buffoon over this Syria thing?

    • Plans purchased through the Obamacare marketplaces will be significantly more robust than current individual policies, which often skimp on essential coverage to bring down their prices and have been dismissed by consumer advocates as “junk insurance.” Obamacare marketplace plans must cover 10 broad categories of “essential health benefits,” including for prescription drug coverage, mental health services, and maternity care.

      • 1 Reply to toast22342000
      • Yes, if I am a man, I'll have coverage if I get pregnant. My wife will have coverage for prostrate cancer. Those are HUGE benefits. Plus, if I am a man and get pregnant, I will be able to get psychological counseling to reconcile the reality of it all, as will my wife. There will be better coverage, for more people, at lower costs. The best part is how completely inane you are for believing this absurd proposition. The worst part is the reality.

        Which consumer advocate said "essential coverage" is "junk insurance", and who qualified said consumer advocate as anybody but an 0bamahack. Name them. Name one of them. You suffer from excess pronoun disease---you quote unattributed nonsense but do so in some sort of lofty tone that offers the pretense that said unnamed sources know what they are talking about.

        Did you know that based upon the latest studies, the average climate scientist wears one black sock and one brown sock? This is because half of them seem to wear black, while half of them wear brown ones. I didn't know that. That changes my opinion about....well, just about everything.

    • You can study the studies...or you can study the FREAKING BILLS WHEN THEY ARRIVE IN THE MAIL. When you do, you find some 80-100% rate increases.

    • It is odd mine increased 12% for 2013 on a company sponsored plan. I did not get 2014 rates yet

      I guess if they increase 25% over 2 years before Obamacare goes into affect, a 5% drop would be applauded by libs.

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