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  • ttm4 ttm4 Sep 9, 2013 4:37 AM Flag

    Dude, my Mom made me get up at 11 today, instead of noon.

    She said she keeps hearing the economy is improving and that I should get up earlier and start looking for a job.

    I said, "But Mom, any job I get is not going to be able to take advantage in my undergrad degree in Medieval Nutsakkery, and I'd probably lose my healthcare benefits I'm eligible for under 0bamacare".

    "Never mind that", she said, she just banged on the door at eleven instead of noon and started railing away at me for getting the kind of rest I need. It's time you get out there. "Don't you realize you're going to have to start making your student loan payments in a few months?"

    On that point, I knew she was maybe right. Although I definitely know that it's a lot warmer around noon than it is earlier in the morning, and I'm pretty sure that's due to global warming. And if I get a job and have to drive there every day, I know I'll just be contributing to the problem, dude. I'm not sure I'll be able to reconcile that with my feelings about climate change. I'm not George Bush, I can't just go ahead and ignore the worldwide consequences of my actions.

    The really scary thing is that Mom said she'd be waking me up at ten next week, and then 9 the week after, until I am up probably some time before the freaking sun comes up, even though I'm not sure exactly when that is. One of my professors in college said that the time when the sun rises is always changing, and I thought that dude is so batty in the head, nobody could even figure out when to go to work if that was true. It would be like saying that 10:30 is a time that's always changing. I remember laughing at him at the time. But that's another reason why it's gonna be tough for me to find a job.

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    • I guess your mom don't work either. But since you attained age, welfare payments dropped for you. She is right to now kick you out to get a job.
      I am surprised she did not recommend helping out pushing Obamacare applications. Pays good and your helping Obama.
      And don't worry about your $1,200 student loan, blacks don't have to repay and it is only $10/mo

    • What time did Obama wake-up Sept 10, 2012 ?
      Did he have an 8:00 a.m. flight to Las Vegas?
      What were "The Odds" for the terrorists?
      Are our limp-wristed liberals planning a "Gay Pride"
      parade this year on 09/09 ?

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