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  • speedydekker speedydekker Dec 17, 2013 5:08 PM Flag

    Jews and Arabs Genetically The Same

    Since Myt challenged my knowledge of religion and race, I had to do a little research and here is what I found from the BBC:

    "They may have their differences but Jews and Arabs share a common genetic heritage that stretches back thousands of years. The striking similarities in their biology have just been revealed in a study of over 1,300 men in almost 30 countries worldwide. Scientists compared the men's Y chromosomes....."

    Jews and Arabs came from the same place, in spite of what Myt thinks, and they are generically the same.

    I am willing to concede that there may not be a Jewish race, as I had long thought, but they are clearly Arab in race. It is quite possible that through many years of separation and conflict, racial characteristics may have diverged via intermarriage with Whites and other races.

    Jesus was an Arab who practiced Judiasm. Megan is wrong that he was White. He was Arab.

    I quite understand that Jews do not want to be considered Arabs, just as my ancestors may not have wanted the Saxon label.

    Now just to be fair, Speedy does understand that some Jews do not draw their heritage from the Middle East but adopted the religion later on, like Eliz Taylor, Madonna, and other Hollywood trendies, and Myt may be be such a person.

    I went to a Jewish bat mitzvah once and learned quite a lot. One thing was they had Jim Beam at the party but you had to ask for it. I needed a drink after watching the Torah thing but I will say the Rabbi was charismatic.

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    • amazing nonsense

    • Years ago a friend of mine wanted to go hog hunting down in CA out of King City. So four of us went down there and drove up in the hills where these wild hogs (descendants of the Russian Boars) were living. We goofed around, did some target practice, and saw a lot of rooting. Al wanted to go down to the lake thinking it would be a good place to find a pig but the rest of us did not want to. We ended up leaving empty handed. Al went back by himself later on down to the lake and killed himself a boar. We had a nice roast on part of it.

    • Genetics!!!! No, no, no. That is way too scientific for the cabal. If you start relying on science then you have to admit to human caused climate change and I know you don't want to go there. Better stick with "it's cold outside therefore climate change is a hoax." Or all people who wrap towels on their heads should be killed even if they are the same as jews. Don't worry about being contradictory, hypocritical, laughably incorrect, or batshyte are the cabal. Revel in it.

      • 2 Replies to toast22342000
      • Don't forget renewable energy. You know, like windmills and solar panels. You know someone told me yesterday that the farmer-landowner in CA gets $8k per month for each windmill on his land. I said no way, you must have heard wrong. 8k a year maybe but 8k a month?..... each? Same person said solar panels on a friends house $100 per month (variable depending on sunny days) lease for 30 years. Yes, 30 years. Imagine the penalty for early stop.

        Obama makes utility companies across the country buy this stuff as part of the "green energy" support program. The utilities pass the cost on to the consumer. Just think, maybe that farmer truly is making $8k a month on each windmill paid for by each and every one of us.

      • anothernewmultialias_forwedcman anothernewmultialias_forwedcman Dec 18, 2013 12:18 PM Flag

        yes. disregard the science of mathmatics as pertains to the unaffordable
        health act. the numbers do not add up. you don't get to keep your doctor.
        you're not assured of keeping your health insurance policy.
        your sister will be required to pay to insure your nads. your grandfather
        will be required to pay for amanda's mamography.
        can you afford the law that liberal socialists voted for without reading?
        remember pelosi saying you had to pass the law in order to find out
        whats in it?
        i question the genetics of liberal socialists.

    • "Since Myt challenged my knowledge of religion and race"
      Myt challenged monroe_kangaroo, not you, speddy…oh wait!!!!! Silly Mytsigns…we forgot you and moron_kanga are one and the same! We can never keep you multi-id nuts straight. You outta sell programs like at the ball game. You might WIN TONs of money!!!

      The BBC study is bogus if it claims Jews and Arabs are genetically equivalent. The Brits have always gotten things wrong in that part of the world! Remember, they created Iraq, and screwed up 'Palestine' before we cleaned it up in 1947.

      How many of the tribe have you invited to go hog hunting down in the EGs, spedelina? There our plenty of our folks in southern FL after all.

    • There could always be some bastid kids like Michelle and barry boy. But J's are J's. My dentist would have a field day working on you. He barely tolerates me under gas being so vocal, but he laughs as he adds on to the bill!
      J's were the promised people until they chose money over God. And that is one race that will never change.

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