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  • toast22342000 toast22342000 May 14, 2014 9:00 AM Flag

    Years of Living Dangerously

    It's the name of the Showtime special series on climate change. Last night I watched an episode in which a climate change denying evangelical preacher, who's daughter majored in environmental science, rejected science right before my eyes. He was given the opportunity to speak in person with two preeminent climate scientists (one of which was a climate change denier himself until 2012 when he was overwhelmed with the evidence) and an oyster fisherman from Apalachicola Bay who can't continue his business after 30 years because drought has caused the water in the bay to become too salty.
    Over and over this nitwit said he just wanted to find the truth even as he closed his mind to it. The latest national finding on climate change as well as international studies no longer equivocate on the issue of human caused warming. It is not an abstraction focused on future events. It is happening now and the evidence is all around us.
    There is irrefutably one major obstacle to mobilizing the resources needed to fight climate change before it is too late. That obstacle is the Republican Party and the nitwits who now control it. Not long ago Dubya's dad and most Republicans acknowledged the threat human caused warming posed but now the nitwits are driving the bus and the Koch brothers are buying the gas.

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    • Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is on a roll. For several years he’s flirted with denying that humanity’s use of fossil fuels is the driver behind climate change. But earlier this month Rubio put all his chips on the table: “I don’t agree with the notion that some are putting out there, including scientists, that somehow, there are actions we can take today that would actually have an impact on what’s happening in our climate.”
      Rubio followed that up several days later with a total failure to name a single source for his suggestion that human activity and global warming are unconnected.
      Which brings us to Tuesday, when Rubio dug his hole even deeper on Bill O’Reilly’s show. The Senator claimed in quick succession that there’s no scientific consensus on human responsibility for climate change, that surface temperatures have stabilized over the last two decades, that cutting carbon emissions would destroy the economy, and that U.S. policies won’t do anything about the problem. "Stupid is as stupid does"

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    • Another important installment discussing the impact of drought on the world supply of wheat over the last 3 years. That in turn contributed, in part, to the unrest in Egypt as bread shortages resulted in mass protests with demands for food having an equal place with calls for social justice.

      These are matters far beyond the awareness of nitwits who's time is occupied by the distraction of the latest baseless, manufactured outrage created by Faux.

      I predict within 5 years as weather events become more extreme climate change deniers will increasingly be recognized as a threat to the future existence of the human race. At that point no amount of money spent by the Koch brothers attempting to protect their profits by sending out their minions to lie about human caused climate change will be enough. Men like these should be taken out in the public square and hung by the thumbs until they acknowledge they knowingly have financed a massive propaganda campaign for their own enrichment at the expense of every person living on the earth.

    • Another interesting show last night. It highlighted a guy working for ALEC and the Heartland Institute going around the country trying to get state legislatures to repeal their initiatives to increase renewable energy sources as part of their energy portfolio. As the saying goes, if this guy's lips are moving he is lying and his lips were moving in a big way. Somebody needs to take men like that and cave in their skulls with a hammer.

      The other story was about about how much more damaging to the ozone layer unburned methane is than the CO2 from burning carbon fuels. 20x more damaging. A leak rate of 3% from a gas well means the gas taken from the well combined with the burned gas makes a gas well no better for the environment than burning coal, the dirtiest of carbon fuels. An exhaustive study has found that the leak rate from wells in the western states, the new wells that have come about largely by fracking technology, is as high as 11%. So while energy industry officials push NG as a "clean" alternative to coal the fact is methane leakage makes it worse.

      Sleep tight nitwits. Your denial of reality is killing the planet buy hey, that is someone else's problem, right?

    • Ever look at an aerial of the Mississippi delta dead zone as it flows into the ocean? No fish can live in the waters because the pollution (farm drainage from the northern border on down) sucks the oxygen out of the water. Been that way for a long, long time. Any ideas?

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      • Glad to see you shying away from being a complete turtleboy, nanny. Your concern for environmental issues, like the dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico caused by fertilizer runoff, aligns you with the Democrats. There are, indeed, many ideas to contain fertilizer runoff before it enters our waterways. Myt suggest you use the 'Bing' and do a little research on this topic. You will learn something, and that is time well spent.

        Your pal,

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