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  • vrii vrii Feb 5, 1998 9:17 AM Flag

    Where next, year 2000

    I'm new to the message boards and find all your comments very interesting. A lot of good points made on the baby boomers. Sort of like a python that swallowed the pig, too large not to notice.
    My picks for 1998+ are technology, medical and financial. The main question is can the public/government afford them. I
    believe the economy will continue to look good for the next four years barring a major problem. The reason is the Roth IRA. As the
    boomers and others switch billions from their regular IRA and 401Ks into the Roth they will greatly increase their taxes. Many will
    sell their stocks and bonds to meet their tax obligation generating higher capital gains taxes. The government will see balanced
    budgets and good times.

    After the four year ride tax, revenue will drastically drop as we realize that we have sold our heritage. Of course the govt. could pay down the debt but don't bet you quarters on that.

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