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  • WEH1st WEH1st Feb 10, 1998 11:08 AM Flag

    Team Shares

    I am interested in knowing more about what some of you have done with your Team Shares?

    Did anyone go the cashless method? If so, could you give me some pointers as to how you did this?

    Are most employees holding their Team Shares?

    I am new to this board and I am enjoying it so far.

    I would like to know what others think about BMY stock? Is it going to come back and go up or do you think it will go lower?

    I am wondering whether to hold on to the stock and wait for it to do up or whether to sell and reinvest in something else.

    I am rather new at all of this, would appreciate any help and information from others. Thanks.


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    • Kiera

    • Just came across some news.

      New Ranking On Drug Sales In U.S. In '97

      New York Times News Service via Dow Jones

      By DAVID J. MORROW c.1998 N.Y. Times News Service

      Bristol-Myers Squibb, the pharmaceutical industry's quiet giant, has replaced Glaxo Wellcome PLC as the top drug seller in the
      United States, an annual survey of pharmaceutical sales showed Thursday.


      For Bristol-Myers, vaulting to the top spot was nothing short of an industry coup, because, unlike most pharmaceutical companies, it
      did not rack up enormous sales with one blockbuster drug. Glaxo had Zantac, and Lilly had Prozac, but no Bristol-Myers drugs
      finished among the top 10 in the nation. Bristol-Myers' top-selling drug, Pravachol, a cholesterol reducer, was No. 15, IMS said.

      ``Bristol-Myers had a lot of medium-sized drugs that did very well,'' said Myron Holubiak, general manager of the Plymouth Group,
      the consulting arm of IMS. ``Many people in the industry believe Merck is the company that has the broadest base, but Bristol-Myers
      and American Home Products actually have more drugs in more categories.''

    • Subdaytrader:

      Since you asked I will let you know what I am doing with some of the $$ I earned by dumping my BMY stock. I just brought shares of a Company with the symbol RSPN. Just read some the recent news about this Company and you will understand why it seems to be a solid opportunity right now. (If you do buy it plan to sell when it hits around $8.00 which should happen soon).

      Incidentally, I just read an article about the results of a recent study in Finland which found that statin drugs like
      Pravachol along with lowering cholesterol levels also significantly speed the oxidation of remaining LDL cholestrol and lower blood
      levels of Q10, a key energy-producing nutrient that is helpful in preventing heart failure. This is sort of a good news - bad news
      scenario. It could be really bad news for BMY especially if they keep finding evidence of negative long-term effects of Prava's usage.
      I know this Company has alot of other products. However, investors in this Company should never lose sight of the fact that
      without the 1.3 billion dollars Prava brought into the Company last year its earnings growth would have been negative.

    • While I have been criticised on this board for my preidctions about staff cuts, it continues to be a virtually confirmed fact that BMY is finally taking a look at its costs. I will repeat my prediction that 5000 staff will go before 12.31.98. BMY's improved R&D effort, excellent top management PLUS effective cost cutting could put another $30 on the stock. Therefore I would not sell yet.

    • Nothing wrong with taking profits. Done it myself several times in the last month. However, what are you going to do with it
      - put it in the bank? Right now, drug stocks are the best bet in town for the next few quarters. The techs and the industrial
      cyclicals haven't felt the sting of the Asia crisis in the earnings yet, but they will, starting with 1Q98. The warnings will start to
      come out in March and investors will run to drug stocks. Maybe you can sell BMS now and buy another drug stock, but who? Merck is
      at a premium price right now, but maybe they'll contiue to go up. SB and Galaxo now will fall back to earth now that the merger
      is off. LLY relatively cheap; that's why I bought some last week, but has gone up about 4 points in the last few days. IMHO, I
      wouldn't sell BMY for at least another 2 quarters. You have a safe haven; I wouldn't give it up now.

    • I also read the article about the long term negative consequences of statin drugs. Without Prava BMY would be really hurting -- I taking my profits.

    • Could it happen and who?

      Just thoughts!

    • Ditto!

    • Historical reasons: Have held the stock for about 4 or 5 years. Currently up over 220% not counting dividends which are pretty decent.

      Demographic reasons: Lots of baby boomers (like me) getting old, have money, going to need lots of expensive meds. Good for pharmaceutical bus.

      General reasons: Company is more diversified than most pharmaceutical co's.

    • I couldn't agree with SundayTrader and Surenotsure more. Couldn't said it better myself. I'm a current BMS employee and we are already seen a change of culture in the Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Before Dr, Ringrose came, there was less pressure and people think more about publishing papers than finding drugs. Now
      the pressure is on everybody, the targets are very clear and are tied to the year-end bonus. Everybody is actively involved in the
      effort of getting drugs. Although some would argue that you wouldn't see any drug until 5 years later, but if BMS can do well when it had a weak R&D it will certainly do better with a strong leadership and an improving research operation!!

      As to the side effects of statins somebody mentioned, He/She failed to realize the statins are the among best things ever happened in medical history, drugs that can prevent heart attacts, stroke with such remarkable efficacy yet so minimal side effects!! Ask any physicians! I, for one, studied medicine although not licensed to practice here.

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