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  • aaronbdunn aaronbdunn May 25, 2012 4:05 PM Flag

    End of close Friday what happened?

    We had been killing it here all week, and today was going great. Then blam! A couple of sells drove the price way down from .70 to .55....
    Guess if we open up that low on Tuesday i am buying more again.
    Somebody just took the air out right before a 3 day weekend.

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    • This stock has been manipulated via programmed, or you can call it high-frequency (flash) trading for at least the past year. Anyone who can not see this needs to take a short course on basic trading concepts. The fundamentals have nothing to do with the share price. It they did, it would be in the single digit range.

    • a complete fool sold at the market-no limits--and just bombed the stock-
      However, I see on my system the last tick was up for 20K shares-what gives? seems like it is so easily manipulated. What is management doing about getting a listing on amex or nazzy? any insight welcome but himmel and frost need to get these manipulators out of the way. Lets go gentlemen :-)
      On another note everyone should start taking TrimBlu for the summer and rock it out! get the word out there walgreens!!

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