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  • spxball123 spxball123 Jul 2, 2012 5:47 PM Flag

    News I found at GNC

    I went into a few GNC stores today and spoke to the sales staff. I asked them how the bluscience line was doing, and the news wasn't good. They're line of bluscience products was barely selling. she said she could count the number of products sold in the last month on one hand. Additionally i was told by multiple stores that the products were displayed in prime locations and weren't performing well so they moved them to the bottle shelves. You can verify this yourself by going into GNC stores and looking at the location of there products. I really want to keep my position in the company, but I can't find a reason why?

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    • Are you serious? Well, virtually every one for starters, the same companies I listed a few weeks ago. Go read my posting. Look at their financials. They have no profitable sales so far, but have managed to rack up $17million in debt.

    • etfcrusher Jul 5, 2012 11:25 AM Flag

      They might be, I dont know of a reason why they wouldnt. Just what the clerk stated. I will call the company now see if I can clear this up.

    • etfcrusher Jul 5, 2012 11:04 AM Flag

      I just called GNC store in Niagara Falls NY. I was looking for the Heart Blue of which they didnt have any. I asked when they would get any more in to which he replied they wer'nt. He said he thought the company was'nt making it any longer. I said what? He said I could call the company to confirm. I have, they are not in their California office yet. I will call back again in 30 minutes to confirm.

    • Is it really true that Chromadex is inefficient compared to competitors? Who are you thinking has a better supply chain or produces in a more cost effective manner?

    • The line is very much niche products, and costly vs. most supplements. These sorts of products come and go, and most never get traction. If the public does not get on board in a serious way within one year, history shows the product is relegated to the dollar sales bin. There is no real evidence that any of their products are selling in significant quantities. They also have stronger much more established competitors who appear to offer better, cheaper products, but also make a large range of other products, which carry them. They do not need to rely on pterostilbene sales and can, and are, discounting the product to get rid of it at little or no profit. It also appears that chromadex is a very inefficient high cost producer, and has no brand awareness anywhere, outside of its small lab business. Ok now, who will be the first one to call me an idiot for actually posting some relevant, now hype info?

    • I’m not sure there’s much downside to owning Chromadex right now. I guess they could go bankrupt, but I’d bet they would be acquired before that and there’s still a good deal of upside. I think the GNC issue is more of a geographic issue; my understanding is that the blueline products were coming in above target. I’m hoping the announcement in the next few months will be good.

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