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  • skepticinvest skepticinvest Nov 9, 2012 9:38 AM Flag

    CDXC is distributing false and misleading press releases

    The company is continuing to disseminate articles to the press in which they claim that that their SEC filing showed a 99% increase in Revenues. This is a lie and blatantly false. The company is intentionally omitting the word "Net" in their releases to mislead and misrepresent their revenues and earnings. They also omit the fact that they lost another $9.9 million in the reporting period.

    This misinformation has almost certainly led naive investors, and probably some less naive ones, to purchase the stock of a company which one would have reasonable cause to believe from the press releases, was growing at an extraordinary rate, and was profitable, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. I look forward to a plethora of litigation against the company by investors who were misled.

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    • skept is such a ### liar or he is just ignorant...he can't even read a 10Q......"They also omit the fact that they lost another $9.9 million in the reporting period. "...that is for 9 month reporting you #$%$.

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      • I owne shares of Chromadex and right now I'm a bit worried. Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to bash the company , I'm just reading this 10-q and I guess I'm seeing some alarming points. Maybe these are normal points for a 10-q, I really haven't read that many in my life time, but I would like to bring up a couple things they said so I can get your opinions. Maybe you guys can help me understand this a little better?

        First of all they state that "By curtailing certain expenditures, management believes it will be able to support operations of the Company with its current cash, cash equivalents and cash from operations through March, 2013." My question here is are they going to have to do something dramatic to last past March 2013, I mean that date isn't that far away.

        Also they state "Over the next two years, we plan to increase research and development efforts for our line of proprietary ingredients and we plan to seek to increase marketing and sales related efforts for these products, including our new dietary supplement product line BluScience, subject to available financial resources. However, we presently do not have available the necessary resources (financial and otherwise) to do so." How do they plan to increase this if they don't have the resources to do so?

        Also, I know that Frost owns a lot of shares of this company, and they have a deal with opko's Latin America division, but if Frost really believes in this company why only distribute their products through Latin America? Why not Europe or the U.S.?

        I again apologize for my ignorance. I'm sure these are stupid questions that are easily answered, and I hope I can get a fairly non biased response to this, if that is even possible. I bought this stock much higher then it is now, so I'm kind of stuck here hoping that it goes higher. Hoping that it is still a good long term investment, and hoping they can get through March 2013

    • Skept did you really think that long investors are a fool like you! How do you know all of those information about CDXC more that CDXC itself?
      You are making up the whole thing to just evade the facts! just give up and cover your short position before you lose even more!
      Get a life and do something which you are good at!
      You are a total //M//O//R//O//N// ! That's all you are, nothing else!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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