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  • skepticinvest skepticinvest Dec 11, 2012 4:09 PM Flag

    This is at best 20 cent stock

    There is absolutely no reason, other than manipulation and gullible small investors who have fallen for the hype, that this stock is higher than twenty cents.

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    • dorianpc Dec 11, 2012 8:47 PM Flag

      It's definitely possible to hold a short position for as long as you like. Same with a long position. Stocks that move sideways bore me. Time value of money says holding makes you poorer every day.
      I was expecting this to start moving about now, but I am not finding anything that explains if this company has plan.

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      • Oh the LOSERS are back. Where have you been? bagging groceries? So your stupidity shines through once again. Being Long and Being Short is NOT the same thing and it is obvious you are not short and have been a liar all along because if you are short you have to be on Margin-and this is not a marginable stock actually so you are just a LIAR. Please leave and go back to doing what you are good at...bagging groceries. In a few years many of us will be millionaires from this stock (read the reports and presentations and also realize that a multibillionaire with incredibly deep pockets is the largest shareholder-is he small? gullible? fallen for the hype?) and you will just be bashing on message boards like so many LOSERS around here.

    • LOL...keep trying skept...or cover and move this price you are wasting your ignorant breath...

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