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  • skepticinvest skepticinvest Dec 20, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    Who is actually buying this stock?

    It is pretty clear by now that this stock was a pump and dump scheme. My question is, who can possibly still be buying the shares?

    The company is out of cash, its products have been virtually a total failure in the market place, their retailers have abandoned them, management brought in from the outside to rescue the company has quit, and even sued the company to make them perform on their contractual promises, they are no longer even producing any new products or buying raw materials, they have resorted to paying employees, vendors and contractors with stock because they are out of cash, they have no marketable assets, no intellectual property of any real value, no proprietary technology or products, and still someone, maybe insiders to prevent the inevitable crash, buys the shares. This can not continue for much longer. Reality will always prevail, and someone will be left holding the bag.

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    • The chairman of the board has been buying regularly over the last few months. Thats who's buying you #$%$ Please just do the world a favor and disappear

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      • I, and most of the other genuine members of this message board, have had enough of your rude, childish comments. The fact that insiders, such as the chairman, are the only buyers makes my point perfectly. If you have anything sensible or compelling or even remotely intelligent to say, then let's hear it. This board is on to you. You are a few of the other commenters are obviously part of the pump and dump scheme that is being run by company insiders. Whether you are being paid to hype the stock or you are doing it because you have a position, is irrelevant. If Chromodex hired you to reply to comments that point out facts that the company would rather the public not know, they have wasted their money. No one takes your infantile replies seriously.

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