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  • skepticinvest skepticinvest Dec 27, 2012 2:40 AM Flag

    Herbal Life short seller Ackman eying CDXC

    If Ackman decides to take down CDXC the stock will blow through my $0.20 objective in 24 hours. Frost will be no match for Ackman. He has made a fortune on shorting stocks whose fundamentals do not justify their share prices, such as guess what stock? Look at what he is doing to Herbal life if you doubt his power.

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    • We should all just put "Skepticinvest" on our ignore list! he doesn't know jack what is he talking about!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I think that is a great idea, given that most of the posters on this board are really posers, shilling for the company management, and the truth about this dead man walking is the last thing you want to read.

        If you look at my historical postings you will see that they have all been accurate. I posted that sales of the product line had never materialised at Walgreens, that GNC shop managers were reporting monthly sales of between zero and ten units, and were not re-ordering the product, that the company had run out of cash, and had stopped buying raw material from its Indian supplier, and had curtailed manufacturing, that it was paying its employees and contractors with shares, that wil likely be worth nothing, and that the last outside CEO had filed a notice of litigation against the company, before this was public information. All of this is on the record.

        When I shorted the stock at over $1.20 I recorded the date and price so that I would not be accused of retro-trading at a later date when the price went either up or down. No one on this board has my record, or close to it, of postings that time has proven correct.

    • Skept, Ackman is going to short a stock on the pink sheets? Please, and I am honestly asking, can you point to another big name investor who has ever shorted a thinly traded stock trading around 50 cents?

    • dorianpc Dec 27, 2012 2:21 PM Flag

      I think the odds are more likely that Frost shows up at my door and takes me to lunch. Seriously, you have a great imagination if you think this is even on Ackman's radar.
      Besides, planting goofy rumors on Yahoo never works. Studies show they have the opposite effect.

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