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  • wm.wagner Mar 5, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

    In my sixties

    I'm in my 60's and retired. The vitriol on these posts sounds like a much younger crowd. People who have lost sight of what is going on, what this is about and are very concerned with just being "right" at any cost. Doesn't make sense at least to me.

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    • You have a very valid observation, but I think you are grouping the few people on this forum who attempt to present facts, and company fundamentals, with the group who seem to be either employees of the company, or given the level of vitriol and ad hominem attacks coming from this element, are paid shills for the company. I find it hard to believe that an actual company employee would use the language, grammar, and juvenile tactics used by this group. I had a position in the stock, a short position admittedly, and would have left the forum when I closed out my position but have stayed on almost as a diversion, but more because it infuriates me to see naive investors taken in by the scamming and pimping of the stock, which I am confident will end up with them taking losses that are substantial to them, while the principals walk away with millions. That is my two cents worth.

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      • The push for Nicotinamide Riboside [NR] is coming from a Pharmacologist at Cornell Medical College who has a published study out of Switzerland's Polytechnic School. With high doses of NR , you get improved mitochondrial function. This sstudy was published in 2012. Unfortunately, the subjects were Mice. To my mind, this makes this study meaningless, since you can pump many things in large doses in mice, and get some effect. The Pharmacologist is Anthony Sauve. He apparently has a new method for synthesizing NR, which was patented by Cornell's Center for Technology Enterprise and Communication, and Licensed to Chromadex Corp. He states that "what has happened here is that we have discovered a supervitamin". I guess the the Patent Medicine Business is coming in a new guise.

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