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  • sharonlimrick sharonlimrick Mar 15, 2013 2:49 AM Flag

    To the liars and thieves

    Anyone who naively believes that they can hide behind an alias and post lies, deception, insults, and hpye on a message board related to a public company is seriously deluded. If you are being paid to do this, and the company told you that your identity would never be revealed, you had better use the money CDXC paid you to consult with a good attorney. If you believe that they will back you up when the s-h t hits the fan good luck. You lie down with a dog, you get up with fleas.

    If you are employed in any capacity by the company even worse. Yahoo can and often does disclose the identities of posters on their msg boards, in respose to compelling requests, and not always even from a court. Most everyone knows that roxy, dorian, keepyouroptions, and a few others are shills. My mission is to use whatever means possible to find out who you really are, and make sure that you are held accountable for your lies, insults, and deceptive posts. When it comes to something that I believe in, I am a dog with a bone. I am already making very good progress on sorting out who is who, and I have not spend a penny yet.

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