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  • dorianpc Mar 20, 2013 8:45 AM Flag

    insiders not selling

    Dan, you pretend to be a retired broker - an insider of the highest caliber. Someone who makes money regardless of the foolish advice he gives his clients. How do you explain the insiders profits when they haven't sold a share in years?
    Lets see what you really know about how a string of companys work together to capture the IP of a market and manage debt and deductions
    I don't think you know anything about Frost's web.

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    • Apparently you are not familiar with the company market maker relationships. Did you ever thing maybe the insiders are selling unregistered shares given to them. Did you ever hear of market makers trading back & forth for volume effects. dorian you are naive to think the insiders have any integrity. A real company doesnt throw hundreds of thousands of free shares to its insiders that dilutes your shareholder value big time. Again this is nothing more than a promoted shell with insiders the only winners.

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      • dorianpc Mar 20, 2013 10:56 PM Flag

        Well dan, i can read a form 4. So can everyone else on this board. That is why they know i am telling the truth. You are pretty slick. You weave just enough truth into your web of lies to cause doubt.. The facts are there is NO selling. You are a liar. Frost - the biggest shareholder BUYS options, (.21) I would like that deal. He has also purchased @.75 along with insiders. You have not read enough SEC filings to understand how Frost makes his money. - (a lot is through loans of all these companies) You accuse "insiders" of being unsrupulous, yet you forget YOU are the scourge they have to hand their money to. You have spent your whole life in this business playing in the mud, it is no suprise to me that to you, everything looks dirty.
        I have got news for you dan, call me naive, if that is what my basic trust of people appears to be. But know I can spot a scambag a mile away.
        I see you for what you are. Don't get me wrong, there are things not to like about this stock. If you don't like it don't buy it. You make a lot of untruthful statements, and the sad thing is any dope can simply look up the info and see you are full of it.
        When this thing hits $2.00 (and I don't know when) You will still be singing your one note song.

      • keep_your_options_open keep_your_options_open Mar 20, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

        I see u are back working overtime short shill sharondimlit/danbrainlesshack/wagner........talking to yourself again also......LOL

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