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  • wm.wagner Mar 22, 2013 2:46 PM Flag


    A funny thing about the stock market madness I posted about earlier. I am old enough that I should have some sense of how the world works. But when this madness came on my ego kept saying things like, "this is how people become rich, they take a chance at some point in their life. You'll never get there sitting on the side line." Common sense would come in for awhile and then "Your a smart guy, you see things that everyone else is missing." All this kind of thing with a strong emotional charge. Excitement, hope, this is my chance, God is on my side. All kinds of stuff. The stock market madness can tap into all your dreams and insecurities, all your failures in life and make it seem like you can wipe it all away in one fell swoop. I see a bit of this madness on this board. Egos run amuck, telling the person he is RIGHT much like what I went through. Having gone through it I have an understanding of what some folks are caught up in and am able to see their remarks in that context. The ego is screaming in all of us that we're "RIGHT." Thats how we are built. But having to live a life where you are always right is a very hard road to go.

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    • dorianpc Mar 22, 2013 4:09 PM Flag

      wm, I like the way you have turned the topics of this board into something more enjoyable. I have trained myself to shutdown the trading screen when I feel a hint of "the fever" coming. For me I always start with a thesis. If the Market or stock seems to follow my view for awhile, I pursue it. The minute it does something I didn't plan for, it means I was wrong, and step back. As you stated, God IS on our side. He just doesn't need us to be rich so I rarely ask him for investment advice.

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      • wm.wagner Mar 22, 2013 9:24 PM Flag

        I need to hear opposing sides to an issue. One side lays out what they are saying and why and the same with the other. No one is going to make up my mind but me. I get to decide what's best. These post that are full of anger and boasting are people writing love letters to themselves. They are saying to themselves "Look at me, I'm powerful, I'm smart, I'm dangerous don't mess with me," and a whole host of other things. That's the self esteem thing, people trying to build their self esteem while climbing on someone else's back. It's an effort with a foundation built on sand. People writing these posts would never have the courage to say them to another person but on the message board it's safe. The point is they are not written towards another person they are written by a person to boost their own self esteem. We all need self esteem, we all want others to think well of us, it's just that some ways are better than others to meet this goal. No bad guys here. My opinion and a dollar won't get you much but for me if I can get an understanding of what is going on I'm not so susceptible to attack. Not all the time anyway:)

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