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  • investorfoley investorfoley Mar 22, 2013 3:41 PM Flag

    Big Loser this cdxc

    From my prospective this company is on its way out. Can anyone tell me why I should buy into this pig.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Unfortunately, the board is packed with cretins and transparent shills for the company. You asked a civil and reasonable question, but it is highly unlikely that the morons on this site will reciprocate with a reasoned or courteous response. Instead, you will probably be met with derision, ridicule and idiotic comments about everything except your question, why anyone should buy this stock.

      To my mind there is no reason why anyone should buy this stock. I made a few dollars on it trading the swings, but this strategy is only lucrative as long as the pumpers can manage to push up the price with hype and manipulation.

      Their great white hope, NR, which is an analogue of vitamin B-3, which is also a variant of Niacin, which most of the brain dead posters on this site can not seem to understand, is still born now that the Merck study found serious adverse events related to Niacin, and NR is basically Niacin on crack. Their blue-whatever products are not selling, and they are losing lab business to better equipped, lower cost competitors, and this is even before the Chinese enter the market with a huge new ultra high tech robotic facility in Utah that will make the Chromadex lab look like a high school chemistry kit.

      Earnings will be out soon. Have a look and judge for yourself if the company is viable or not. The numbers don't lie. Posters on this board do so on a consistent basis.

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      • wm.wagner Mar 25, 2013 4:34 PM Flag

        Niacin on crack! Good One! God that's funny.

      • You have no idea whether I invest or not. The Merck study has everything to do with NR. Ask management if they intend to pursue it. The FDA will never approve NR after the Merck study. You know about as much about signalling pathways as you do about quantum physics, nothing. The company is still reliant on sales of the Blue products to realize anything from the sale of them to the dodgy pseudo company, that no one ever heard of, but happens to be owned by felons who were convicted of dodgy equities activities. If the buyer does not sell the products, CDXC does not receive the license fees, that make up the biggest part of this scam deal.
        The Chinese can do whatever they like. The patent which CDXC holds is for a particular manufacturing application, not the compound NR itself. They can make it by the metric ton if they like, and sell it in the US. What you failed to understand however is that I was not even referring to NR when I mentioned the Chinese. Reread my comment, or have someone read it to you.

        Spherix has no earnings. It is a shell. Do some basic due diligence Einstein.

      • "this pig" is not civil. Sharon does not invest. The Merck study has nothing to do with NR, it is a whole new pathway to NAD. CDXC does not own the "blue-products" anymore. CDXC has the patents for NR so the Chinese can make nothing at lightning speeds. Wait for the Q1 earnings since Spherix will be accounted for by then. Remember that Q4 earnings have nothing to do with NR. There are many other positive aspects - but this post is to ensure readers of Sharon's post have some perspective.

    • dorianpc Mar 22, 2013 3:55 PM Flag

      Perspective is the word you are looking for. First we have to teach you how to spell before we can teach you the secrets of the investment world.
      Take a lesson from Sharron if you're going to troll a message board. Her conclusions are wacky but at least she is able to communicate with good spelling and grammar.
      Why don't you lurk over at FB for awhile? You'll find some freinds for sure.

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