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  • danwesslback danwesslback Apr 5, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    CDXC Loser Company

    There isnt any reason for the PPS to go up. Its lacks fundamentals for investing. No earnings, excessive losses, no products to speak of, lack of operating capital & insiders more interested in cashing out.. All you have here is a losing company & and insiders looking to get out.
    Occasional fluctuations due to paid for articles has worked for trading & those who made money trading this stock are blinded by the fact this company will be in the penny range sooner than they think.

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    • dorianpc Apr 5, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

      Dan, you can't look at this thing in a vacuum. Look at it in context with the agreements with OPK, LTS and now this new company we got to offload this fiasco. I knew it would never work, but everyone wants their turn at the wheel, and frosty is getting a little soft. He should have just told them no. But he was covred and needed the other gears to spin, if you know what i mean.
      This thing was never meant to be a loss leader, but let's face it. The 6 month lead time on research pays or itself. I'm still mad about the money grab that went on last year, but we got that straightened out. So i'm looking forward to a lo less red ink this year. A little capitalization, and we are good for another 3 years. Come on man - not everything shows up on the spreadsheet ;)

    • All of this pales compared to something big that will be announced in about 2 weeks. It is a lot worse then you know. Aside from this, every pimper on this site either works for the company, directly or indirectly, or for a subsidiary of the pyramid company that is buying the ptero blue line, or is being paid (1 only) lately to comment. Just look at the caliber of postings. Most are barely coherent, others are flat out lies, and one is feigning impartiality.

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      • dorianpc Apr 5, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

        Sharon. We are insiders. Remember? We already know about the upcomming announcment. That is why we are slowly taking it back down. Once the news is absorbed, we will come out with a few counter points and PR's to offset it. That will be good for another 40% pop.
        The question is: What illegal actions are YOU taking based upon your secret decoder ring?
        Surely you must have some justification for expending your energy on this stock.
        The thought of a person on a personal crusade without motive is unsettling.
        So, what's your angle? Data collection? Arbitrage? Page hits?
        I'm not buying the caped crusader routine. It doesn't fit.
        Perhaps you are an abused housekeeper for one of the principals?
        I thought i might have recognized you?
        Do you drive a Ford by any chance?
        I really need to get to the bottom of this, you are becoming an embarrassment to the group and we would really prefer you to stop. The company has carried you long enough, and it's time to stop bighting the hands that feed you.
        Next time stick to the script we send you. Going off on your own is not being a team player.
        When we want you to drive the price down we will let you know. Don't overplay your hand, or those options you want so badly will disappear.

      • wm.wagner Apr 5, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

        I'm a spy, its the only credibility I have on this board.

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