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  • joejoepepitone joejoepepitone May 8, 2013 10:22 PM Flag

    Patrick Cox Newsletter

    ChromaDex Moving Forward

    When Star Scientific releases its own animal life expectancy studies, it will change the way the nutraceutical business is viewed. Eventually, as more and more users experience significant health benefits, the entire industry will be seen in a new light.

    ChromaDex, for reasons that I've previously explained, is likely to be a beneficiary. Having just scored a major success with their pterostilbene product line, which is shown in studies to lower blood pressure, the company is concentrating on a potentially revolutionary nutraceutical that could work in conjunction with anatabine citrate. I refer, of course, to nicotinamide riboside, or vitamin NR. This super niacin works directly on the body's energy production system, the mitochondria.

    Recently, the company put the cap on its exclusive licensing of this substance by acquiring rights from Washington University. The press release is here.

    The timing is perfect for several reasons. The research world is becoming increasingly interested in mitochondria. These are the tiny organelles in all our cells that produce adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, from the food we consume. ATP is the only form of energy our bodies can use, and there are many studies showing that NR increases the efficiency of our mitochondrial processes. The expected impacts include weight loss, muscle gain, nerve health and much more.

    I've been beta-testing NR personally, but the substance is still so rare that I haven't taken enough yet to form any valid conclusions about its effects on me.

    Fortunately, that will change as the company ramps up production. Also, scientists from the three universities that developed NR science and rights -- Cornell, Duke and Washington -- are all presenting at the forthcoming meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. I expect NR to be the hottest topic on the agenda.

    There's a lot more that ChromaDex is doing, but I really have to cut this short.

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