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  • manyfranklins10000 manyfranklins10000 Jun 7, 2013 4:13 PM Flag

    Nice volume

    Hope this keeps going...

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    • Maybe someone sold 1 board lot of GOOG and bought 100,000 shares of CDXC.

    • this volume is more than current investors adding to their position....just wonder who it is and why they are buying. we all have our reasons...I'd like to hear their reasons

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      • Speculation:
        A. The last disclosure was about sharing their presentation with companies. They have updated this presentation a few times in the past, but never felt the need to release a disclosure about it. Perhaps there are some more serious talks going on, I mean I guess there are since they needed to diclose them.
        B. Perhaps some more serious investors see the green light now that NR is actually being made and available. Many people know about NR, it's been around since the 1960s.
        C. My favourite is that CDXC will turn out to be sold for a billion (just like martek) and therefore the stock price will be at Ten bucks at that point. In my experience the stock price leads not only the news but the ability of the company to acheive too (which is why I have been holding for some time now, since it is hard to time the correct entry point given that the stock moves in anticipation).
        D. Perhaps the double threat of PureEnergy and NI/\Gen are just too much for the shorts, and just good enough to bring in new people, everyday it moves up the more people feel like they are missing out, hopefuly one big snoball effect will occur and it will get out of control on the up side.
        E. The last pump and dump articles that came out about the blueberries pushed it to $1.25, with the potential for two more pump and dumps on the horrizon, poeple may want to get in now. I'll be holding right on through the next pump and dump as I personally believe CDXC will have a runaway product (if not already).
        I have many more angles, but I will stop now, speculation is fun when you are winning (if only on paper).

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