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  • danwesslback danwesslback Jun 13, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    Not much to Short....Why Bother...

    There isnt enough share price to short this unproven company. Roxy Id like to sell you a business, it has no profits, no products, sounds like your my man. Ridiculous actually that you buy into this nonsense hoping they can get a product and betting on it. The insiders got free share, are you a insider Roxy with free shares or are you just plain stupid to buy into this.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Stupid is as stupid does

      I wish I was an insider all set up to fail and all - money to burn I guess (is that what you are thinking insiders are like?)

      The company may crash, but I'm betting it will have it's day in the sun first - we are talking about a piece of the holy grail you know.

      I'll say goodbye to you now, because independent NR research is about to start pouring in re-confirming your worst nightmare, which will mean you will have to stand on a chair in the corner of your house regretting all of your misled advice.

      Have you ever heard of venture capital - why do they give money to initiatives purely based on ideeas alone? This concept "speculation" is more of a convention than a practice, it's about how the world works and will always work. In my experience it is better to try to fit with the world and fight off people like yourself that do not recognize the fit. Have fun sitting on your couch doing nothing, that'll get you a long way in life.

      Trust me, there are WAY more risky securities and to me CDXC is safe compared to them, I sleep like a baby knowing that I'm not playing NUGT or DUST options anymore, or currency futures, or just plain options in general. CDXC is like an option with no expiry date to me - which is a nice feeling and curbs all my needs to participate in something that has the potential to make some worthwhile amounts of money. Some people are happy when the roller coast ends, I'm not one of them.

      Call me defensive, whatever, twenty years from now I will not regret my decision to stay in the stock. I can see $5 on pure "pump-and-dump" which is half of what it will be sold for in my opinion. My exit stragetgy is clearly defined up or down - and I'm just fine either way.

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      • Roxy, I can repect your thinking and i honestly wish you luck in this transaction. You at least understand the risk. My problem is the hype here, as if the company is successful and we both are aware at this time it is attempting to find something to generate revenue.
        Yes cdxc may have something on the horizen, or it may not. Thats the risk with a unknown product.
        So most investors reading this board are led to believe the company has successful products today and the truth is they donyt have any at this time.

    • LaDanSha I am so glad that you care so much about everyone's financial future but why don't you put all your energy towards something the world can benefit from like solving global warming or stoping cancer.

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