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  • sharonlimrick sharonlimrick Jul 2, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

    Only NR?

    The company makes a huge deal about being the ONLY comercailly available NR, but when I do a Google search for the exact same molecule I find tons of different suppliers, who were selling NR before the company started to offer it. What is the deal here?

    If you are only going to reply with some stupid hateful comment, and by now everyone knows who I am referring to, save your breath. I am looking for a serious answer.

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    • wm.wagner Jul 3, 2013 2:57 PM Flag

      On the Chromadex site it calls it's NR product Niagen. Then says "The patent rights cover the use of NR for THE PREVENTION OR TREATMENT OF NEUROPATHIES CAUSE BY AXON DEGENERATION."

      In 2012 it says "The company licensed from Dartmouth College exclusive rights to several patents related to NR THAT INCLUDE RIGHTS FOR HUMAN USES OF NR."

      And they bought a patent from Cornell to use it's method of producing NR.

      I'm not sure what that really means but it looks like they are being granted patents for specific uses of NR and in the Cornell patent it looks like the patent is for a specific method of producing NR of which there must be many. It's a good question. What is going on in the world of supplement patents is something I probably need to look at.

    • Run for the Hills everyone she's
      Escaped from the funny farm and has access to a computer

      • 1 Reply to manyfranklins10000
      • What is wrong with you people? Are you all incapable of responding with a reasonable or relevant reply? You and your fellow hypsters come across like infants throwing a temper tantrum when your parent tells you it is bed time. You only infuriate people and make them want to continue to challenge your idiotic comments. I am immune, as most adults would be, to your personal attacks. I might take them slightly more seriously if they were not so simple minded.

        The question, if you missed it, was why is the company claiming to be the first one to offer NR commercially, when a search turns up quite a few others who were selling it over a year before the company offered their product. Obviously you have no idea based upon your juvenile response.

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