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  • wm.wagner Jul 14, 2013 8:18 PM Flag


    Well guys and gals I'm going to sell my Chromadex stock if it approaches my buying price again. Nothing to do with the company or products or anything like that. I bought quite a bit of the stock about 18 months ago and then it dropped and it has only come up to that level once since then. I have been wrestling with the idea for about two weeks. I have a pretty good chunk of money (for me) in the company but it doesn't pay a dividend and at my age I have to get the money working again. If I was younger I'd probably hang in there a little longer. Best wishes to everyone. I hope you all make a bundle.

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    • William, william, wiliam. You will never sell. I can tell.
      I know that even if this jumped over a buck, which it is prone to do, you will still let greed take over. I have seen it before.
      Statisticians refer to this as "optmistic bias" 80% of people are in this category. Socially it is a good trait. In the market it is deadly.

    • I am down to about 25% of my original investment in this company. If the upcoming financials do not show a clear, honest profit, vs the accounting gimmick used in the previous report which booked the entire potential revenue from the sale of the blueberry line to the MLM company as cash when it may never materialize, I will look for an opportunity to sell the balance of my shares.

      More and more, this company is looking like a stock scheme to me. Each quarter a new product with "fantastic" potential is announced, and within a couple of months it becomes obvious that the product was either a failure, or was not as represented. NR, in my opinion, is a non starter. The Thorne deal is a drop in the bucket, even if it succeeds as hoped. NR is not really a new vitamin or anything else. Others have had it available for a long time, one can buy it in China, and it may or may not be more effective than the cheap Niacin alternatives. If you expect consumers to pay a huge premium for a product that may be a little better at kick starting some biological process that they do not even understand, you are inviting failure. The company seems to lack management acumen or expertise in the supplement market. They remind me of children playing with a new toy frankly. I am not surprised that Frost had walked away.

      Regardless of all this, if the numbers show that the company is pulling it off I will reconsider bailing, but they will have to be clean, realistic, honest numbers, not speculation.

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      • Frost has not walked away...he owns 20% of the company....try posting the truth

      • wm.wagner Jul 17, 2013 11:31 AM Flag

        Frank, That is very similar to what I have found myself up against. More and more it has felt like gambling and I found myself making up reasons to stay with Chromadex. In my opinion only, as a consumer product NR is already being sold as a supplement. The differences between the three chemicals being discussed is just so small it seems insignificant. But that's just my own opinion. Others may be right that it is just a matter of time. I have visions of myself saying a year down the road "man I wish I had hung in there a little longer." I'm down about the same as you and can't sell yet. It reached my purchase price once but I couldn't make up my mind and by the next day it was on it's way down again.

    • You are making a very big mistake.

    • keep_your_options_open keep_your_options_open Jul 15, 2013 12:33 AM Flag

      good luck wm....we all do what we think is best..I will tell u that I am 56 and the reason I do invest in spec stocks like this is the payoff.....but u have to have some strong nerves to invest in micro caps...they have tested me before...wish u the best....

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