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  • dorianpc Jul 22, 2013 4:36 PM Flag

    You brood of vipers! cdxc owes you nothing.

    You think frost needs your pittance to run this company?
    You think the 50 or so workers who slave every day think you deserve 100% usury on you scraped together cash?
    If you had worked and saved your whole life, you would have been better prepared and not had to resort to wild schemes.
    40% gains were not good enough for you, you want more and ore to satisfy insatiable greed.
    Speak nothing of the scavenger shorts, who were equally burned by greed.
    You contribute nothing, and nothing shall you recieve.
    Last but ot least, sharondimlit portrays an heir of knowledge as if she resides at princeton, all the while flapping her gums about things of no consequence.
    CDXC has been around for years and has seen the likes of all of you come and go.
    In the end, Frost will die a multi-billionare, but not one hour more of his life could he buy.
    You will face the same fate, just poorer.

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    • I thought CDXC would have done better than BLDP over the past year, I continue to own this in my RESP as like other stocks historically speaking it has the potential to post 1000% price gains over the next ten years. CDXC's chart might have you lured into a patern. There is no way in hell any of the majority shareholders are going to sell. We are trapped and linked to the enterprise value for now. 40% gains does not even come close to the potential return that is needed to justify the risk of buying CDXC - even for a very very short term. You are playing with fire and might as well be buying options. Curious when you do by options do you also play them for 40% gains?

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