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  • wm.wagner Jul 22, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

    Long Term

    It's just my speculation with nothing concrete to back it up but I continue to think that what Chromadex is currently doing (products, research) will have no short or long term impact on the company. The four top share holders have nothing to gain from this company as it stands. For four wealthy investors, that have a history together, there is nothing here. I have to think their interest in Chromadex is unrelated to the company in its current state. Two of the shareholders continue to buy stock but the amount of money we are talking about is probably to keep the company viable. Keep the lights on. They are not investing serious money. The problem with this, for me, is there is no reliable timeline to indicate when or if there will be changes. It's a waiting game.

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    • Finally we agree. The bigger point is they have nothing of promise whatsoever. Would you open a business, invest your money into the business, but have no products that make money and not enough income for you to meet expenses. That's what you are doing by investing in a company like cdxc.

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      • wm.wagner Jul 23, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

        Dan, slow your mind down. My point is there is a cluster of investors with a very successful history investing in CDXC. When I said "keep the lights on" my point was the investors have not shown why they are interested in the company. CDXC may be the biggest going at some time in the future, my thoughts go in that direction when I see the backing. That's the point.

        Dan, don't try so hard to be 'right' about everything. Your posts are becoming more about you rather than the company.

      • This is a losing company with poor prospects. They will run out of money unless they sell stock at a discount. This is nothing but a promotion and current shareholders are sure to lose. I would rather own 1 share of VZ rather than 1,000 shares of this. Rather than buy shares in this POS, give the money to charity.

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