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  • roxyroo73 roxyroo73 Jul 29, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    Ordered more NR

    My wife and I are hooked on one a day.

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    • Hmmmmm.
      As an independent investor with a small holding I have been optimistic for some time about this stock. Folks on this forum like dandickback and sharon dimwit have irritated me for a while. Wm wagner has been sort of a huggable fellow. But all of a sudden my skeptical nature has been ignited by this post. Where is the link to obtaining this product that roxyroo claims to be so good. How about you manyfranklins, how about a link to where this can be found retail. I think I smell a rat.

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      • wm.wagner Jul 30, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

        Spare I asked where to get NR out of laziness and wanting someone to do my price shopping for me. You can go to Tiger Supplements (I think that's what it's called) and get it.

      • Yahoo takes any and all hyperlinks down after posting them. This is not rocket science as Manyf... suggests. NR was recently released as a product, they have posted news articles about two deals they have done so far. The first deal was with a company who is selling NR for the purposes of avoiding head injury. It is litterally 6 or 7 articles down the list of news on this yahoo site for CDXC. Check it out if you are interested.

      • Spare us all....Spareparts1. Do just a little research by reading the CDXC pr from a little over a month ago. I know you were born in March of this fine year but give us all a break. I HATE it when people ask stupid questions and ack like we are lying when if they would just read a little they will find the answers.

    • wm.wagner Jul 29, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

      Rox, How is it making you feel?

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      • I take NR and I can tell you it gives me a lot of energy. I workout at a gym almost everyday and I take supplements to help me. I don't do roids. I take Assault by Muscle Pharm and I take Mega Men by GNC but when I started taking NR I noticed a huge difference. My energy level has NEVER been like this. I started taking one a day and now I take two. One a day was working but two is giving me energy to really workout a lot longer. my workouts were never more than 90 minutes but now I'm doing 2 - 2 1/2 hrs. a day. I guarantee anyone who tries this will like it.

      • Good question. It's hard to explain, definitely (and I would underline that word) different, like something has been turned on inside. We are hooked because we like it. It feels like it is doing good, but how do you really know? Part of me wants to hold off taking more so that some official studies can be released (around proper dosages for instance), but I guess a larger part of me wants to keep taking it as there is a feeling of being more relaxed that comes from it (which is to be expected from a B vitamin I guess). I've taken multi-vitamins my whole life but never experienced a vitamin (I.e. meaning I could never really tell it was actually doing something - totally different with NR you can feel it doing something). What exactly I have no idea, but, I trust what I have read so far about NR. I like the idea that it is doing something positive, if it is doing something negative well then I jumped the gun and hopefully will not regret it. Many... said he was taking two a day, I can't imagine taking two as the one seems to be doing a lot for me, makes me fell like going on a run, but at the same time resting is quite enjoyable. Does anyone know how it is expected to act inside you? I.e. Does it make sense that it spreads out all over or would it target certain areas in need first? I feel like it is all over, yet one pill is a small dose. I tried to write this so far to describe how I feel and not be biased because I own the stock. To be biased: At one point on the weekend I said to myself F the stock, give me more NR (I.e. as if NR transcended stocks) - hence the re-order, hope that feeling lasts, we will see, which I took as being positive for the stock. I am surprised that nothing else has come out about NR yet as it seems to have an immediate effect on me.

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