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  • wm.wagner Jul 30, 2013 9:44 PM Flag

    Buying NR

    Rox and Many had the courage of their convictions and bought NR. I would not have done so if they hadn't first. How about all of us having the courage of your convictions and buy a bottle. Both pro and con folks, especially those who have been so adamant that CDXC is a lost cause. Lets check this out. Ordering info in on the 'Ordered more NR ' post.

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    • I am probably the oldest person to post here. Age 74. I am a long time investor and have been buying shares of CDXC since August 2010. I hold a sizable position and my basis is higher than where the stock is currently priced. I have found CDXC to be a frustrating holding but I am in, even at this age, for the long haul. As Frank has said the company is just starting to monetize their current four ingredients and I believe that the big picture is such that CDXC is still in its early stages of development. This is not a stock to buy and sell unless you are happy with pennies and revel in your cleverness when you buy 100 share at one price and sell it a few days later for ten cents more.

      Now to the products that are out there. At my age I have a multitude of health problems. After talking to my cardiologist I started The Blue Science anti-aging product about a year ago. I am quite interested in NR and my wife and I will probably order it and start to take it soon. However, my reluctance to take it does not have anything to do with the "courage of my convictions." It has to do with prudence in light of my many health concerns. As a guy who used to smoke three packs a day, took multiple substances at one time, and went to detox and treatment many times for alcoholism problems before I quit drinking thirty sevens years ago, you may be surprised to hear me say this. However, over the years I have at least learned a thing or two. One of the things I have learned about investing is that you buy good or potentially good companies like CDXC and then sit back and let things work out over time. There is no question in my mind that this will happen.

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