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  • manyfranklins10000 manyfranklins10000 May 31, 2014 8:19 AM Flag

    next week

    from the rumor week is supposed to be exciting for CDXC. we will see......not buying anymore & not holding my breath but it would be AWESOME if we get a HUGE announcement!!!!

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    • rumors are like a-holes ...everyone has one and most stink...posting about them makes you look stupid as and learn GL

    • Many, if you are getting your info from GJ at MPCM don't waste any of our time. He is a hypester and blowhard whose predictions never come true. It is his pump and dump scheme at our expense.

    • Many, is this morning's announcement "the News" you were hearing? I hope there is more near-term impact news coming. They now have a drug runway for JV Pharma co-development, which is great, but this could take awhile before there is news produced. In the meantime, CDXC really needs another revenue based agreement, and soon, to hold this price and advance from here. I am concerned that if the market starts to weaken that we go down pretty hard. If we have some announced agreement the risk is dramatically lessened.

    • Did you notice the run up in the stock before the last big announcement? I noticed CDXC stopped going down and came back a little, but that strength suggests that nothing is official yet (to me).

      That being said, if a more solid company compared to 5linx does team up with CDXC it would help bring some more credibility to the original 5linx deal. I think the major players are just as curious about the wave of research that is bound to be coming out this summer (I.e. based on SCRIPPS at least), as I am. I doubt they would need more then a year to post some findings. In my opinion, SCRIPPS jumped at the opportunity to partner with CDXC before many others did, I can't see them wanting to release their findings after others. But you never know.

      It's a good sign that Dan is back, as the last time he started trash talking, the stock started to take off. Perhaps he is hired to help get people to sell to his employer.

    • manyfranklin - shame on you! Always big announcements coming....then some ridiculous non event is made to be something that it isn't, each quarter the loses continue to mount. Not a hope left. All hype, no substance.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • LaDanSha I have lest than 6 months left with you in my life. YEah! Losses are shrinking and sales are increasing. I hear Frank was a rock star at the 5Linx announcement. I even saw a pic. I talk to people who hear things about what is going on in the real world Dan. I am simply passing on a rumor with FULL disclosure. I always hope for the best in life and in biz. The predictions I hear are that CDXC will be profitable & sold by year end. My soruce is people from the industry not insiders! We will see!

        Good Luck to all longs! All you critical shorts can SUCK it!

        Good Day!

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