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  • bottumfizzure bottumfizzure Feb 20, 2007 8:20 AM Flag

    CNBC's "On The Money" at 7PM EST

    Did anyone happen to notice that CNBC has run "teases" all weekend for their "On The Money" program tonight at 7PM EST. Guess what it is about??? Well, that is part of the "tease". They do not tell you what company in specific. They mention a "new" company that could "impact your current cable stocks"--only they used far more descriptive terms but the point was "clear" to me that they were likely talking about "clearwire" and its rollout of WiMax which would obviously represent a clear potential threat to the cable status quo among other things.

    In any event, it sure seems that WiMax and Clearwire's IPO will receive every last bit of publicity. In light of that one can only expect Cramer and probably plenty of others on the street to start jawboning WiMax this and WiMax that and rest assured that ANAD falls squarely somewhere in the "WiMax "this" and WiMax "that" category. If people are potentially willing to pay 30% more than the IPO pricing for clearwire as Cramer appears to have suggested, do you think the same people may get around to talking about any other WiMax exposure plays including ANADIGICS since they are a company clearly leveraged to gain aditional incremental business as WiMax rolls out. Unlike Clearwire, ANAD is profitable with a compelling story beside just WiMax so that may well be icing on the cake.

    As Tbuck70 said, Friday's price action may have been "smart money" (I believe he called it momentum money and ANAD bagholders I don't agree with his terms but his rationale is there) moving ahead of the pack since they always know before the little people. You know damn well some folks certainly knew about the CNBC "On The Money" show content this evening last week and it was not us. Some of the content in those types of shows are Live but, IMHO, the majority of those kind of segments are "in the can" well ahead of time. That may also explain why Cramer was so high on Clearwire last Thursday---almost as if he knew the spotlight would likely shine even brighter on Clearwire and WiMax in the "near" future on his own home network. Who does he work for again?? Oh yeah, the same CNBC that broadcasts "On the Money" literally in back to back timeslots with his "Mad Money" program.

    I know, perhaps I am being a little too Cynical and maybe even Paranoid. Well see tonight if Clearwire and WiMax is the main topic........

    What is good for Wimax is great for ANAD so get the story out loud and proud Cramer, On the Money, and CNBC. Perhaps this week is when we can say "now we know the REST of the story" as old Paul Harvey loves to say.

    With ANAD presenting tomorrow and the rumored Qualcomm/Sprint/Nokia conference also supposedly tomorrow, we may just find out the REST of the WiMax "story".

    It has been a long, long time since I have seen such fertile grounds for speculation involving ANAD in specific and the industry segment in general.

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    • Hey, "Bottumfizzure" I never post on the board here, but what I do often enough is read people's posts. I saw the CNBC beforementioned story and I do have to agree with you on that one. I've monitored this stock for the last year or so and I came to realize that we have not seen anything as of yet.

      With the new implementation tech I see a great upside in this industry, where ANAD can capitalize far greater then many had anticipated.

      Great posts!!

    • Hey, "Bottumfizzure" I never post on the board here, but what I do often enough is read people's posts. I saw the CNBC beforementioned story and I do have to agree with you on that one. I've monitored this stock for the last year or so and I came to realize that we have not seen anything as of yet.

      With the new implementation tech I see a great upside in this industry, where ANAD can capitalize far greater then many had anticipated.

      Great posts!!

    • Anyone who watched "On The Money" last night at 7PM saw that CNBC preempted the originally scheduled topic to devote an hour to examining Jet Blue's weather woes of the past week and genrally bash all things airlines so I did not watch the program intently start to close since it does not really concern me..

      However, I just watched my TIVO recording of the tail end of the show and, sure enough, at the very last minute the host Melissa Francis indeed gave another, more specific tease for tonight's show by closing with a tease something to the effect of:
      "Is Verizon about to make the cable companies go into panic mode?"

      So, at least she gave a name and a hint at the content. Verizon is rolling out "Fiber To The Home" (FTTH) which ANAD 's a direct beneficiary of by way of their various Fiber product lines. While She named Verizon, not Clearwire I would expect discussion of both since they both represent challenges to cable. Meanwhile, we all know that Verizon is already a very good customer of ANAD by way of the LG phones they sell in great quantity and that Verizon's CEO Denis Strigl sits on ANAD's Board of Directors. And just like what is Good for Qualcomm, Intel, etc etc. is good for ANAD so, too, is what is good for Verizon is good for ANAD--especially the rollout of Fiber to The Home.

      Just more to think about. Meanwhile, ANAD present's this morning At Roth. I still have not seen any press release. It is on ANAD's website and there is a link to the Roth webcast for all comers. Today is also supposedly the rumored day of Qualcomm/Sprint/Nokia speaking.

      Stay tuned, of course.

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      • Did anyone catch "on The Money" last night? Well, the good folks at CNBC mad sure that the talk about Verizon, Fiber to the Home (they are calling it FIOS these days), and what it might mean for cable companies was saved for the absolute least segment in the program.

        It was worth fast forwarding to get to. They discussed the various investment implications for Cable companies and Verizon and made brief mention of WiMax but that is not what an ANAD investor should be concerned with.

        The major point to be concerned with was the capital expenditure budget at Verizon to facilitate the rollout of FIOS since that is where ANAD will sell product into one way or another and the numbers were STAGGERING. Verizon is slated to spend something like 22 BILLION dollars to install FIOS to 18 million homes by 2010. They are currently budgeting something around 800 bucks per home per installation. If you go to ANAD's website you can see that ANAD has an entire Fiber segment that details Fiber and Fiber related products to supply such a buildout among other things.

        The rampup of FIOS/Fiber To The Home installations will be yet another driver for ANADIGICS growth over the next several years.

        It looks like they are saving the real WiMax hype for Clearwire's IPO which is expected shortly.

    • I wish I thought you were being overly cynical.

      Candidly, short of a specific mention of ANAD (and, I concur that that's both possible and already knowable), what I think you've called the "halo effect" is pretty implausible to this extent.

      Since the lovely 3-day weekend passed without a deal being announced, I'm starting to "bet" on something in one of those 2 meeting/presentations tomorrow -- could be just news-y, although some news obviously has more impact than others.

      I just want to say that while I respect Cramer's intellect enough not to despise him for his less attractive traits, this *IS* a throwback to the bad old days of rumors playing way too big a role AND the playing field being as uneven as could possibly be.

      People like Greenberg are frequently tarred with "being in bed" with certain hedgies, and when I called him on it, he had what I thought was a creditable defense that if he were to apply a "who benefits" approach to his writing, he'd probably need to move to a different professional altogether.

      But short of sequestering people who work in TV (and in these days of high tech, that's probably unworkable as well as unpalatable), we've got some big or small scandal(s) that'll either come out or just sour everybody who's not "in on them." Whatever Cramer's track record, I'm convinced that the people who can "anticipate" his "calls" can do very, very well. It's obvious that he, too, has well-placed friends, and it's like the politics of campaign donations "just" get you "access." Anyone who thinks there is anything even resembling a "line" to cross which renders one's behavior inappropriate is pretty out of touch with reality.

      I mean we're all subject to things well beyond our control (or even knowledge), but it's pretty thoroughly discomforting to think that some "big boys" can and will move this to $15 (or some other number), make a stealthy exit awash with profits and maybe let carnage ensue.

      It's a little like seeing how well a mass market Honda could do on the Daytona track. It's so "out of scale" that bad things are likely to happen. Multi-million share trading days on a nine-out-of-10-consecutive days basis for a company the size of ANAD is similarly preposterous and unsettling.... I still like the "good scenario" for ANAD (i.e., at these levels, I still think the folks "loading up" could just be "acting rationally"), but it's like going sailing in a small boat with big black clouds overhead; I did it once and count myself lucky to have made it back to shore.

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