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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Feb 22, 2007 10:27 AM Flag

    CNBC's "On The Money" at 7PM EST

    Wait, I think forgetting about Sprint's WIMAX is EXACTLY what one ought to do.... I know it's dangerous to let one's feelings about a company's service play TOO large a role in appraising it, but Sprint really runs a pretty crappy cellphone operation from my experience. Much more significant is the fact that they just announced backing off from something innovative, nominally (well, somebody's opinion) because they recognize that they still have a lot of knitting to do to get Nextel & Sprint something like "on the same page."

    I very much doubt that Sprint will be a survivor, let alone an innovator.

    OTOH, VZ's plans are -- again, I'll assume that B.F. has the facts perfectly presented -- staggering. There are a handful of "paradigm shifts" that offer people to make megabucks as investors. The "genome" stuff is probably one. Wiring every middleclass and above home in America (with overseas probably happening at the same time, given how people like Murdoch are all but citizenship-less) so that today's degree of home as entertainment center yields to something a quantum leap further... is the stuff of which both dreams and nightmares are made. Since I'm pretty well-informed, and most of this hasn't made it through to my gray matter, I figure that we're in for something resembling the late 90's -- where stock-pickers (good and honest and the other variations) start to tag hundreds of companies as beneficiaries.

    I hope we're spared what followed the last round of hysteria, but it really does seem unlikely.

    Granted, people point to some things that were predicted in the late 90's that have been totally implemented by now; of course, there's a far greater number of companies that, charitably, could never have fulfilled their promises and paid (along with investors) the ultimate price.

    But enough gloom and doom. Anybody who's read W.S. Inv. Rsrch knows the magic in the words "pure play." Golly, how it *DOES* look like ANAD is just that. I know Cisco had its work cut out for it when it wanted to build some consumer brand recognition. They settled on an approach akin to, "we make it possible" for the internet to function and improve your life. ANAD will probably be part of some humongous operation long before it's worth worrying about ITS branding, but at this moment, "We make things like Iphones possible" looks to me like a VIP pass to a $20 stock price.

    Note, this ONE! "opportunity" is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.... It's just illustrative of how well positioned they are both as a company and as an investment.

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    • Good Post Lemon!!

      My only concern with Sprint and their WiMax foray is that they as a company will also consume products made by ANAD as they rollout. I have no love for ANY end user company, just an understanding of what a given company can represent as a customer for ANAD's products.

      Like they say "It's only business nothing personal" and so should it be with investments.

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