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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Feb 21, 2007 11:24 AM Flag

    good read re fiber/home

    I'm holding my "DOH" on the off chance that you're smarter than you sound.

    Of course, that's their business, but maybe you've noticed that post-AT&T breakup (although I'll wager that happened before you were born, so you don't have to know about it -- it won't be on the test!), "the phone company" means rather different things than it once did. Obviously, the buzzword is "convergence," but a kind of CHAOS that will surely lead to some folks winning big while others go down for the count is also part of the scene.

    That is, how many bills do you get every month for services that are roughly in the "communications" sphere? (I think we get 6, and we're "oldies" who don't jump at all the new dodads out there.)

    Maybe, Yahoo has a list of Verizon competitors that doesn't include Time-Warner or Comcast. If so, "I beg to differ."

    And with the new playing field, folks like Verizon have 2 choices re almost everything technological -- buy or build.

    I submit that they (or any of a handful of other big league ANAD partners) may very well take the view that they can either pay ANAD BILLIONS over the coming years (in many chunks, of course) ... or they can make one big outlay to make ANAD a subsidiary. Then, of course, they won't have any of their precious cash flow diverted to an outside entity.

    Stay tuned. I *DO* try to read carefully. I did not know that a Verizon super-heavy sits on ANAD's board. In my experience, those type of "Hey, Bami, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about" moments are a lot more common than somebody in the Far East putting the moves on a company like ANAD.

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    • <<although I'll wager that happened before you were born>>

      Boy are you wrong on that one, I'll give you hint: my wife retired from Verizon 10 years ago. I've been following the telecoms very closely since about 1996. Probably why I am so interested in companies like Anadigics and Sirenza.

      Now about that wager....

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