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  • bottumfizzure bottumfizzure Mar 2, 2007 11:55 AM Flag

    Professor Bottumfizzure is going to take pity

    on the retail short idiots this one time and lay out a very simple, easy to understand tale of an ANAD secondary offering gone by as a kind gesture that might help save an ignorant short from themselves.

    Let's title the lecture "ANAD's last secondary and what happened before, during and after to the shareprice"

    A few facts for the laziest shorts among us who refuse to do their homework or one who have but then try to mislead innocent bystanders with their load of steaming bullshat.

    Fact 1 On Feb 28th 2006 ANAD announced a secondary (that one also led by Credit Suisse) for a total of approx 10.5 million shares. The shareprice closed that day at 6.31 a share after trading as high as 6.72 the week before in the midsts of an uptrend.

    Fact 2 On March 29th 2006 ANAD announced they closed the offering and realized proceeds after fees etc of 53.4 million. They did not announce the actual sale price per share but I recall we figured it to be about 5.70 a share including the fees etc. The shareprice closed that day at 7.35 a share or 1.04 HIGHER than the closing price of 6.31 the day the offering was announced the month prior.

    Fact 3 By May 4th, 2006 roughly one month AFTER the, "oh so dilutive" offering most short idiots just pissed their pants over, the stock price of ANAD closed at 9.25 a share. That was nearly 50% higher than the day the offering was announced and 25% higher than the day the offering was closed.

    I know it is not much of lecture and I am not much of a Professor but I will tell you that back then I was verbally assaulted by many a$$holes similar to the ones surfacing here and now whining and moaning about this offering as if it is the harbinger of doom and impending shareprice collapse instead of the positive for many reasons development it is. The same type of a$$holes tried to paint me as ignorant for saying the the dilution was being used to pay off convertible debt and strengthen the balance sheet and thet Mr. Market generally likes those types of devlopments. They comically said I was the only long "a$$hole" that welcomed dilution (sound familiar??) It should because the same ignorant SOB's are here again trying to sell the same load of horseshi^.

    What has changed since ANAD "gave away" their shares last year to clear debt off their books while bidding their time for their comeback to bear fruit?? Well, their comeback has indeed materialized and has done so on a larger scale than anyone, my very Bullish self included, the short position betting against the company has swelled to mammouth proportions, the institutions love the company more than ever to the tune of 90% institutional ownership, and the companies prospects for hockeystick revenue and earnings acceleration have never looked better, and some huge fundamental megatrends in the companies served market segments have converged in their direction.

    Does History repeat itself?? I don't know but I sure would be wearing a diaper if I was betting against it doing so in light of what is known to date and what will likely be announced in the near term.

    Those jackassed know nothings who bet against ANAD last time it started to run up nicely on little news and then doubled down BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the previous offering was announced were "treated" to some really compelling losses.

    Think long and hard about things before posting replies of you are a dopey short and seek to discredit the Professor or his Lecture because, come grade time, I will not just give you an "F", I will pickpocket your wallet and its contents.....LOL

    Class Dismissed..........

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    • when a company has stock offerings annually and throw in some senior notes from time to time...makes you think...
      this is no start-up. this is a well established company.
      why must they survive off debt sales, stock offerings?
      They require cash to fund operations, as is the case in this past quarter of hockeystick growth! cost $300,000 to do business for 1 quarter, next quarter will once again be cashflow negative.idiot bottom will not see that.
      period! end of story! when they were 160 a share...when they are 12 a share, the same management! same cashflow issues. anad always had a great story ALWAYS! I remember watching bami stand at the kiosk with a 6" wafer in his hand claiming this was the answer to the future. "anad will garner market share at a pace that would be unprecedented"
      ok well in early 2006 he actually considered going fabless and contracting out semi work to asia? These guys are all over the place. needless to say i actually believed as did bottomfizzure that they would have a great future.... i traded the stock daily and profited a lot. but after several yrs of listening to cc's with these boobs i realised that they pitch a hell of a good story.

    • You should welcome idiot shorts to the market because they are bringing new money which, if they are wrong, will end up in someone elses hand. But instead you give us this community service BS lecture from a pseudo-professor. If you are looking for the idiot, look in the mirror. ANAD doesn't need you to prop up the shares.

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      • Nattybig, you should be so fortunate to have Bottomfizzure's background knowledge of the semiconductor industry, and of ANAD.

        I read a lot of message boards, and BottomFizzure is the real Mc Coy. There are just some prolific posters out there who have a sense of honor, and do there level best to post their honest and very well thought out analysis of a situation. They are rare, but they do exist, and one can learn a wealth of knowledge from these posters. I have found these posters on a number of boards, some on oil stock boards, some on biotech boards, and now Bottomfizzure on a semiconductor board. He says he only invests in the semiconductor industry, as that is where his knowledge is.

        I think he is a great resource for the shareholders of ANAD. wHEREELSE WOULD YOU GET the ability to have a poster such as Bottomfizzure, posting his ongoing comments from week to week. You could not get such a sevice from an analyst, and IMO, BottomFizzure is probably the equal of an analyst.

        So, though it likley doesn't matter what you say, I encourage Bottomfizzure to continue his excellent posts. They are a gift to the ANAD sharholders.



    • a) dont forget this stock sat in high 13's for a good amount of time, before you assume all shorts are barried...
      you may want to understand the game of shorting. today is at 12.00.....leaves a good margin between 13.75-12.00.
      but you are too smart to think of that.
      b) if anad just did a offering in feb. of 2006, why do they have to again? how many previous yrs have they done this? when will it come again? where is all the funds from previous offerings?

    • Pretty good -- both form and content!

      Remember, I'm "on your side," but you do seem to violate (with the most minor of disclaimers) the "Past performance is no guarantee..." truism.

      That is, to be 100% clear, circumstances now are VERY different from what they were then. I know the bullish case is that they'll put this money to great use and bring tons down to the bottom line -- really soon and with really low risk.

      As the naysayers have said, what else would mgt (and its champions around here) say?! ... I'll bet that 1 in 5 people likely to read this have heard the expression, "the money's burning a hole in your pocket," so I'll explain that my blessed mother used that to mean that there's no small number of people and companies that do things a trifle "impulsive," shall we say, when they're in the chips.

      If you think ANAD got a mini-spanking for announcing its trip to the cap. mkts., I'm inclined to think they'd be bloodied were they to announce an acquisition, however sensible it appears/appeared on its face.

      Why do I drag this out?! ... Because just as someone pointed out that Cahill's words were (probably) less a factor of his, I'm sure, excellent "access" to information than they were Securities Analysis 101, ... so should one note that when the conventional wisdom says that "they don't really need the money," the way the dots get connected is via a "strategic acquisition."

      I make no prediction, mind you, but I'll voice my anxiety in the hope that someone can assuage (golly, I've never used that word, so I don't know precisely how to end the sente

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      • Lemon,

        I think I did cover the past performance with a very simple and colorful statement that means the same as the boilerplate you were looking for:

        <<<<<<<<Does History repeat itself?? I don't know but I sure would be wearing a diaper if I was betting against it doing so in light of what is known to date and what will likely be announced in the near term.>>>>>>>>

        Shorts especially love backtesting crap as if it guarantees some coin in their pocket so I aimed that post directly into that empty "Blimp Hanger" they call a Skull.

        I understand your Fears and they should be any logical investors' Fear as well. I will tell what I think about. I think Vitesse has an empty FAB in Colorado Springs I don't want them to buy. I think RED CHINA would dump a pile of incentives in ANAD's lap to build a leading edge GaAs FAB on their mainland where everything is cheap from Labor to Water and Electricity and EPA and environmental red tape is at an absolute minimum if not nonexistent an that has to be an attractive proposition to be studied and Mr. Market may pass out from Giddiness if ANAD announced such a plan.

        However, I think I like best the thought of a strategic supplier alliance with WIN Semiconductor in Taiwan. They have a perfectly good 6 inch GaAs FAB that can ramp to 100,000 wafers starts without too much grief. I am not saying ANADF should BUY IT outright (unless it is a gift of a pricetag and immediately Accretive to a FAT tune). I am talking about a strategic multi year wafer supply agreement with a minimum quantity stipulation that basically guarantees ANAD a certain WAFER capacity per year subject to change under certain circumstances of course. To keep everyone honest as well as incentivized and well capitalized I would also expect ANAD would make a startegic purchase of a certain percentage of WIN Semi to prevent any other "Wolf with the Roses" from showing up at the front door.

        I think about a lot of things. Perhaps we should ask the far more brilliant and insightful minds of "betternot" and "Texgeorgio" what is going on in their 50cc Craniums. I am sure they can crap something onto their keyboards.

        You take the high road and i'll take the low road, Lemon. We'll both get there in our sweet time, Brother.

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