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  • bottumfizzure bottumfizzure Mar 12, 2007 8:49 AM Flag

    Strictly for any decent honest contributors

    For any of you truly decent and honest contributors here, and I know there has to be at least a few of us left even on Yahoo's "Wild West Medicine Show and Snake Oil Review", it appears that I was wrong to place too much trust in NASDAQ's official website reporting of the "pricing status and amount" last week. A new poster (micro something) tried to point it out in the middle of the night last week which obviously looked more than suspect to me since I typically have seen misleading boiler room mutts do that in the past especially when they are desperate like they are currently in their bets against ANAD. So, exercising poor judgement, I chose to side with NASDAQ's official website "12.98 pricing and status info" and threw chicken shat at him instead of looking deeper into the insight he was offering. Well, it appears (Micro) was dead on the money and I was 73 cents a share wrong on the pricing of ANAD's secondary. If you are a true investor 12.25 or 12.98 is meaningless in your world and mine but that does not change the fact that "Micro" had the "scoop" and I had "poop". Is there any lesson in this? Sure, the old adage "Nobody's Perfect" is a good one. I already know that one, but I did learn not to rush to judgement on the content of a late night poster, especially the pricing post by the fellow named "micro" without doing my homework first.

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    • Did somebody say something? Must have just been a gas pocket or indigestion.

    • The only whiney one here is you. Look in the mirror . If you come down from your throne and stop calling others who question your posts bad people maybe you will learn something. Stop crying

    • You know what you ankle biting crybaby? I think this is where I cut you off and you can have a new reason to whine-----you can whine that bottum doesn't directly respond to your whiny and pity pointless nonsense anymore.

      I have held your hand and entertained most of your whiny loaded questions for years. I have also patiently explained how cyclical investing in ANAD or any other high beta, highly cyclical stock can make you tremendously wealthy for nothing more than being patient and buying when nobody wants you to or tells you to.

      If you have not figured out the very simple "code" by now you are beyond any help I can give you other than outright charity and you are not getting that from us.

      Do me a favor, If you do not appreciate what I have to offer free of charge, please put me ignore you whiny crybaby.

      I would urge the "POS" whiny revisionist ANAD bashing loser "TIGER" to do the same as you both are not good people and you have a bad agendas that seems to center on preventing others from becoming wealthy through patient cyclical investing.

      I think after a decade the days of suffering you fools gladly is now over. We have been fortunate in our cyclical investing and bottom fishing over the years and cycles and at this point I am no longer entertaining your questions. Change to another alias and "pretend" to be a smart cyclical investor if you want my attention--even then don't expect to get it.

      There are some good folks here who have indeed cracked the coed and they as, well as I know who they are and some of them took my advice and patiently held IEC for several years and we are poised to be paid handsomely in that company as well in the future.

      The winners know who they are and the losers whine and complain in loser like fashion.

    • so do you short at the top of the cycle

    • Ask yourself a few questions:

      1. For over 10 years now does "bottum" clealry advise buying ANAD at or near cyclical bottoms of 2 dollars and below and does he do it while you can actually ACT ON IT AND MAKE MONEY???

      Yes, and the posts are there to prove it.

      2. Does bottum repeatedly evangelize about the cyclical nature of semiconductors and why patient cyclical investing can make you a fortune for nothing more than buy at as close to the bottoms and selling as close to the tops as you can get?

      Yes, time and time again.

      3. Does bottum tell anyone who asks what he thinks a cyclical high valuation for ANAD can be each time and does he use price to sales ratio's, price to earning ratio's, and revenue and earnings expectations in doing it?

      Yes, and I have already done it again this cycle and i'll do it again as necessary.

      4. Does anything else ever posted really even matter to a cyclical investor who seeks to identify compelling beta companies with compelling stories in a compelling industry and then buy them at cyclical bottoms and sell them as close to the tops as you can get???

      Not really, all the ingredients to become very wealthy through cyclical investing are right there for the taking.

      5. Last question. Has Tiger/Roger/informative/pirategirrly/betternot or any of the littany of ANAD haters ever done, siad, advised anything that has give you the tools to become tremendously wealthy through cyclical investing or any other VERIFIABLY, REPRODUCIBLE, AND HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL WAY???

      Of course not. These worthless ANAD hating crybabies, bashers, and ankle biters offer NOTHING but whiny complaints that Bottum only tells you to buy at each cycle bottom and hold for the cycle top and then he also tells you what he thinks ANAD can worth in the peak of the cycle and give lots of rationale to support why he thinks its going there. But he never posts the time, date, and price he sells at when he sells.

      These crybaby whiners have an agenda and its not a good one. They offer no solid time tested advice on wealth building cyclical investing and never will. They are not good people and they do not have anyone's best interest at heart but there own. They can cry, whine, and moan while patient cyclical investors continue to get wealthy cycle after cycle. Keep all that in mind as we pickpocket these ANAD haters (and likely shorters as TIGER freely admits) AGAIN in this upcycle.

    • From 3/07:

      "If you are a true investor 12.25 or 12.98 is meaningless in your world and mine"

      It continued up, but since it was never sold, it doesn't make to much difference.

      • 1 Reply to tiger7199
      • Oh come on. If someone tells me to buy a stock at 3 dollars and it's 12 dollars a month or 3 months or a year later--Honestly--It's on me if I dont sell. It's not bottums job to hold your hand and push the button to buy and sell. Everyone has their price. He always stated, BUY at cyclical lows and sell when the cycle is at its peak. Do I know what the "peak" is? NO. If I knew what the exact pinnacle of a stock was going to be, I wouldnt be sitting here typing to you right now. Be grateful for the insight and data he HAS provided. Look, a few years back with Cahill and the big run, when things got real high I looked and wondered what Bottum was doing. But at the end of the day--it was on me to pull the trigger and sell. And I did, and I did well. Any idiot can figure that if a stock is up 400 percent even the person saying it's going to 25 is going to take some off the table. That is just smart investing.

    • Class act response, thanks.

      FWIW the official final prospectus suppliment mentioning the $12.25 is now on the SEC website, see

      The only info missing from this episode is how many of the 1,125,000 additional shares of common stock to cover overallotments, if any, where actually issued.

    • Hard to figure, but Yahoo's profanity filter filtered out this post. Dare, I say it -- I say "feh" to Yahoo's having a problem with "poop."

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