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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Mar 21, 2007 2:46 PM Flag

    3 little things....

    The 2 minor ones -- nice day (Wed.), huh?!!

    Anchor -- gotta invest in a spellchecker; there's still some of us that have to be careful about remembering that a fine mind (like yours) cannot be judged by things like spelling.... But "the sorts are gonna loose" -- that might make the March top 10.

    And now this, my original reason for writing:

    When I speculated a month or 2 back that ANAD would be smart to take the best offer going (and I still believe they could have generated an attractive one), I wasn't thinking as clearly as I should have. At any rate, I'm convinced that ANAD "brass" knew that they'd only get some sort of adjusted (given high anticipated future growth) multiple of sales, and since I *DO* believe that they are VERY optimistic about enormous growth over the next 18-36 months, good business judgment pretty much dictated that they borrow, execute and THEN (maybe) think about cashing in their chips.

    It'll be interesting if someone tries to "cut them off at the pass," that is, wants 'em and bids for 'em BEFORE they either execute or stub their corporate toe. Obviously Cisco went after S-A when they were a lot bigger than ANAD is at this point, but ANAD is highly visible to all its logical acquirors, and when they start seeing the quarters fairly gush black ink, I'll bet some of them get the urge to merge.

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